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Invisalign – Orthodontics at work

None of us are particularly happy about going to the dentist especially the children. What about the orthodontic surgeon? We have seen colleagues, young and old with braces, horrible looking pieces of metal fixed to the teeth, some with bands and some without. Then there is Invisalign. Certainly not another new set of braces as we know them. Looking into this new treatment, how it's done, and what it achieves is quite an interesting subject.

We all want good healthy straight teeth, fact. A warm embracing super smile encompasses all and means so much that traditional braces are often bypassed when remedial treatment is needed. Sometimes, in order to get what we want, we might have to suffer a slight cosmetic discomfort for a while. However, with Invisalign treatment, you would hardly notice that remedial treatment is being carried out.

How do we go about getting this treatment? Firstly, a visit to the all dreaded dental surgeon is on the cards. Most of us have a trusted family dentist who will see that some form or remedial work needs to be carried out. You may have gaps in your teeth or crowded front teeth, all needing treatment of some kind. Your dental surgeon will set up an appointment with a specialist, an orthodontist, who specializes in Invisalign design and implementation. He might explain that we should not be put off by the thought of the all ugly braces returning as this past technology has long been superseded. As everybody's mouth is different, so a treatment plan for everyone is different. Visiting the orthodontist to have Invisalign treatment would be unlike any past treatment you may have heard of. This new, revolutionary type of oral remedy far surpasses the old. Initially you will need a scan similar to an MRI body scan but a full 3D facial scan. This will reveal to the specialist exactly what needs to be repositioned or realigned. Once that data is assimilated in a computer by specialized program, a mold is made and with today's technology, it will be 3D printed by sending a file to a computerized milling or molding machine for processing. The product, now a 3D print of your mouth, is normally called an aligner. It is made from a specialized plastic called Bisphenol - A with a phthalate plasticizer. This is a clear material which is why it has the nickname 'the braces you can hardly see' and is comfortable to wear.

The whole process is completely painless, safe for female patients whom may be pregnant at the time and wish to have their teeth attended to. Invisalign braces are transparent and are almost undetectable, even with the biggest smile. There is no risk to baby and there is no metal to irritate the mouth. Some patients are allergic to metals used to manufacture braces however, none are used in this process. 

Imagine wearing braces to remedy your teeth alignment whilst being hardly noticeable? Whatever the problem, when is comes to alignment of your teeth, Invisalign is able to cope, without stress and irritation. Medical science at its best.

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