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Dental Bridges with The Art of Dentistry

The Art of Dentistry, located in Yorkville, Toronto, deliver all sorts of dentistry services for all the surrounding areas. Every employee is skilled and very well trained in their specialised fields and jobs. Every dentist is passionate and dedicated to providing the best possible dentistry care. Very advanced as well as very simple procedures are performed here to the upmost professionalism. Stunning smiles are created at The Art of Dentistry.

As mentioned, a vast selection of dental procedures is now available at the clinic, anything from teeth whitening to the very useful dental bridge. A dental bridge is a possible solution to covering the gaps left in gums caused by missing teeth. Typically, dental bridges are comprised of two or so dental crowns with several false teeth in between the crowns. The false teeth are anchored by these dental crowns that cover the two teeth. Dental implants are also another option when it comes to replacing or covering up gaps left from missing teeth. Typically, more than one appointment is needed when fitting the dental bridges if bridges are being supported by dental crowns. In the first appointment the neighbouring teeth will be prepared to hold the crowns. Impressions or moulds of the teeth are then taken along with the actual gap in your teeth. The moulds will serve as a guide, almost like instructions, for the dentists in the lab who will be creating the bridge for the patient.

However, the patient will not be left wanting at this time and temporary bridges will be fitted while the customised ones are being created in the dentistry labs. During the duration of the second visit or appointment the customised dental bridges will be fitted to the patient’s mouth – these will be the permanent bridges. If patients choose to support the bridge with a dental implant, it is a two week process of making and then attaching the bridge which will be followed by only two surgeries with roughly four to six months of recovery. This procedure requires a lot of time and many stages of preparation – however, this version of dental bridges is considered to be the best known way to support bridges or any other various dental implantations.

The great thing about dental procedures such as dental bridges is that they are practically a life time guarantee. If the bridge is monitored and taken of correctly then there will be absolutely no need (or a very little risk of needing them to be relooked at) for another appointment or another dental bridge to be fitted. This is because if the dental bridge is taken care of properly, the support they provide will equal that of the patient’s natural roots of the teeth and thus save any need for other restorations. But if the patient is unsure about what procedure or bridge that they need, the strong and dedicated team at The Art of Dentistry will help them decide the best course of action for them. 
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