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CT Scan- All You Want to Know about It

CT Scan or Computerized Tomography is a process of scanning the inside of your body to check out how your organs are working. Actually, it is a series of X-ray images that are taken from different angles and with the help of computer processing, cross-sectional images are created of your bone, soft tissues and blood vessels of your body. Maybe it is a series of X-ray, but it provides more vivid image than X-ray.

In the best PET CT scan center in Bangalore or elsewhere, CT scan is used for different treatment, but mainly it is used to examine internal injuries due to car accidents or any other types of trauma. Actually, it is used to examine the inside of your body quite well and then the reports help the doctor to proceed with further treatment procedures.

Why Is CT Scan Done?
There are certain situations where CT Scan is prescribed by your doctor-
  • To diagnose muscle and bone disorder, like fractures and bone tumors
  • Guiding procedures, like biopsy, surgery and radiation therapy
  • Pinpointing the location of the tumor, blood clot, and infection
  • Detecting and monitoring diseases like cancer, lung nodules, heart diseases and liver masses
  • Determining internal injury and internal bleeding
  • Monitoring the result of certain treatments, like cancer treatments.
How to Prepare for CT Scan?
For CT scan, you need to get prepared as per the instruction of your caregiver. Depending on the parts of your body to be scanned, you need to do the following-
  • Remove all your clothes and slip into a hospital gown
  • Don’t wear any metal objects, like belts, dentures, jewelry, eyeglasses, etc. while preparing for a CT scan.
  • You should not eat or drink anything prior few hours before the scan.
What Are the Contrast Materials of CT Scan?
Often, for certain CT scans; a special dye is used to highlight the portion of your body to be scanned. This contrast material blocks X-ray and appears white in color on images. The contrast materials can be-
  • For Mouth- You are given a liquid to swallow if your stomach or esophagus is going to be scanned. The drink will taste weird but you have to.
  • Through Enema- If your intestines are to be scanned, a contrast material is inserted through your rectum. This helps to visualize your intestines. You may feel uncomfortable a bit after the process as it will bloat you.
  • Through Injection- While scanning your gallbladder, liver, urinary tract or blood vessels, injections are used through the vein of your arm to get the clear images. As a side effect, you may have a metallic taste in your mouth or feel warmth during the injection.
These are the contrast materials that are used in different ways to highlight the damaged areas to know the real state of that. Thus, you get an overview of CT scan. Now, you can look for CT scan centers in Bangalore where you get the best treatment.
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