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Blue Light and its adverse effects on Human eye

Since long the exposure to sunlight has been widely debated upon with researchers talking about the danger it poses to the eyes and overall wellbeing of a person. We have multiple brands promoting their sunglasses and doctors advising to use such protections to safeguard our vision. The effects have been significant with a reduction in vision losses. But, still,Mankind is getting exposed to something other than the sunlight also, which is the blue light.

Blue light is emitted by the sunlight, but moreover,it is emitted more by artificial lighting, computer and mobiles which are widely used. Due to a short wavelength, the blue produces more energy and thereby adding to toxins production in eyes. This is not only restricted to toxins but it also affects the lens, and prolonged exposure makes it turn into a cataract. The artificial lighting also emits the blue light, but due to flooding of lighting manufacturers everywhere this factor has been suppressed with lighting manufacturers claiming that artificial lights are good for eyes which are similar to sunlight. But, the researchers have been claiming that most of our days are spent in artificial lighting, and these are harming the people under the age group of 14 years and Senior citizens. Senior citizen developing cataract has increased a high ratio as compared to earlier times. This also causes blurred visions and makes an addition to degeneration of eyes as a result of ageing. It also causes sleep-related disorders as the blue light induces alertness and leads to insomnia in many cases.

To avoid the health hazards due to blue light doctors at Dr Lite Medical LLChave recommended that we go for lighting that reduces the blue light intake. Wearing anti-glare glasses while working for long hours on computers, choosing to light that can easily adjust to prevent the glare, sunglasses to avoid the exposure to UV rays during the daytime. Further information can be accessed at Dr.Lite Medical LLC. The preventive measures can only safeguard the eyes against the blue light, and for that choosing, safe lighting is of utmost importance. For the generations to come, researchers and doctors, both advise on being safe against the blue light and creating awareness about it to make people have healthy eyes.

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