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What is Lymphoma and how it is treated

Lymphoma is a type of cancer which begins when the immune system of the body or the infection fighting cells of the body gets attacked. These cells are commonly known as the lymphocytes. They are present in the lymph nodes, thymus, spleen, bone marrow and other parts of the body. as lymphoma happens, they lymphocytes change and they grow out of control.

There are two major types of lymphoma that can happen. One is the Non Hodgkin which is a very common type of lymphoma. And the other one is called the Hodgkin lymphoma. Both the types of lymphoma involve different types of lymphocyte cells. Each kind of lymphoma grows at different rate and how it will respond to the treatment will also vary.

Lymphoma is treatable and one can get the best lymphoma treatment in India. How it will be treated completely depends on the type of lymphoma and also at what stage it is. This disease is not as same as Leukaemia and each of these cancers start from different types of cells.

Lymphoma is also not the same as the lymphodema which is a collection of fluid that gets formed in the body tissues when there is a blockage or damage in the lymph system.

There are not many concrete reasons like why lymphoma can happen to a human body. Scientists are still in research for it. But yes there are some things which might put one at a higher risk to get attacked by this disease.

The major things are
  • If you have a very weak immunity system and have diseases like HIV then there is a chance. Also if you have gone through some organ transplant then there is a high chance of getting affected by this disease.
  • If someone has immune system disease like lupus or celiac disease or rheumatoid arthritis then they can get affected by this disease.
  • If a close relative or someone in the immediate family had suffered lymphoma before then it is better to be beware.
The major symptoms for this disease are:

Swollen glands (lymph nodes), often in the neck, armpit, or groin that are painless

Shortness of breath
Night sweats
Weight loss

Many of these symptoms can also be warning signs of other illnesses. It is always a good idea to see a doctor and make sure whether this is the disease or you are suffering from something else.
The diagnosis happens after the doctor does a proper physical exam and also after having a thorough checks of the swollen lymph nodes. Also they can ask for a biopsy of the lymph nodes to get to see whether it is cancerous or not. This is because; swollen lymph nodes does not mean that someone is suffering from lymphoma.

The treatment depends on at what stage the disease is. They can be treated with chemotherapy which can kill cancer cells or radiation therapy.

To get best treatment for lymphoma in India one can go for experienced oncologists.
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