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So Near andYet So Far: Amino Acids Guide

Majority of the functions that go on inside our body are carried through the help of chemical messengers. And it is these agents that scientist are continuously working on for improving the human gene. The code carried inside the structure of a molecule acts both as a messenger and the recipient that perform specific tasks on receiving the trigger. The main function of amino acids is that of synthesizing protein inside a cell. They are also found in plant cells where there key function (in mature ones) is to ward off predators and excrete toxins when perceived as falling under attack. Here in this article, we bring to you an amino acids guide that will tell you more about what they do and why they are so necessary.

Necessary for the human body:

In the human body, they perform many vital functions. Some of the key elements that they help carry out include:
  • The production of hormones
  • Structure of muscles
  • Healthy functioning of the human nervous system
  • Maintaining the health of vital organs
  • Preserving the cellular structure
The lack of adequate production of these in the body can impair many key functions. With the lack of proper protein synthesis a person may feel tired all the time, irritated or even depressed.

Discovery and essence:

Amino acids were discovered in the pursuit of the age old study of protein chemistry, some of which dates back to thousands of years. While the progress had been slow, it has gained a lot of speed in the recent years. But in comparison to the distance we have travelled with the way we are yet to go, there is a lot that is yet to be discovered. From what we do know at present, there are three broad classifications of amino acids in the human body:
  • Nonessential
  • Essential; and
  • Conditionally essential
Talking about amino acids:

They are generally expressed in an abbreviated three letter format. This structure is used to represent them in their residual form (of what they are made). Proteins and peptides are the basic constituent of an amino acid molecule. Any amino acids guide will differentiate them on the basis of peptide that they contain in their coded form. However, for the purpose of reference in other contexts, this one letter format is not used and each group is called by its complete three letter form.
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