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No more excuses: How to build your very own home gym

Hitting up the gym is becoming the norm nowadays. Thanks to the effect of social media and other informative videos floating around talking about the importance of staying in shape, more and more people are now becoming aware that working out is not only about looking good but also about being healthy. And so the gym has become the nirvana for people who want to begin their own fitness journey.

But not everyone can work out at a gym. Some people prefer the privacy and comforts of their home over the stressful and often body conscious inducing environment that is the gym. If you are still a beginner in the fitness world and still hesitant to go to the gym, then here are some basic home gym equipment that can help you tone up.

Yoga mats

The holy grail of home gym, yoga mats can help you do those basic exercises without sacrificing your workout clothes. It can also introduce you to the wonderful world of yoga. Yoga mats can help in providing secured footing matters in case you are doing those moves for the very first time.

Fitness videos

Youtube is a friend to anyone who’s still starting their fitness journey. Thousands of fitness tutorials out there are available for free. Who needs a trainer when you have gorgeous and well built online trainers who can show you proper positions and basic training. Those who are not into those boring and strenuous exercises might find those aerobic dance work out fun and easy to copy.

Exercise bikes

Stationary bikes are a great way to help your body get used to the workout routine. It’s a great workout for your cardiovascular system and can definitely keep your heart thumping every time you use it. It’s also a great workout to tone those legs. The best part of a stationary bike is that you can use it anytime, whether there’s a storm outside or even after you just got home from work or school. If you’re already a pro at stationary bikes, try joining those insanity classes.

Fitness apps

Not necessarily a traditional equipment but it’s definitely beginners must have. Fitness apps are here to make sure that you are hitting those fitness goals without any miss. There are fitness apps that can track the steps that you have made, the amount of water you consume, the number of push-ups and curls ups that you have achieved. These apps can get you motivated to do things done. The best thing is that it’s as portable as it can get.

Weighted jumping ropes

Get your heart thumping and your body sweating with a quick jumping ropes session. A set of weighted jumping ropes can make the session difficult but much more fun. Jumping ropes are your best friend in case you want a gym equipment that you can bring anywhere. Adding weights means that it can prepare you to do more strenuous workout such as lifting and boxing.

Resistance bands

Affordable and accessible, resistance bands are everyone’s favorite. It can help workout beginners to get used to strength exercises and even cardio. These babies are also portable and easy to store, perfect for those who have minimum space and those who co-live with other people.

Jog, jog, jog

If you only want to invest in a few equipment, then no worries. You can still do your workout outside. The best workout that you can do at the park or on the road is running. Running can elevate your posture, release endorphins, and get that high that you always get at the gym. Grab your earphones and your beloved running shoes and start now!

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