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Everything You Must Know About the Bulging Twisted Veins

People face some or the other health issue in their lives. Some of the health problems may be the serious ones and require proper medical attention in order to get the required treatment while others are sometimes not that serious and don’t require high levels of treatments. They can be easily cured by either medication or by taking precautions. One of the issues that people face is that is varicose veins. In this, the veins present in that particular part of the body get enlarged and twisted. Though the term is generally used when referring to the bulging twisted veins of the leg, the problem can arise in any part of the body.
Identification and early symptoms

It can happen with anybody but it is generally observed in the adult people. In the starting, the person will notice a bluish color in the capillaries and veins that will be visible on the surface of the skin. It will feel like a knotted structure, like there is some hard thing present under the skin. This is caused because of the swelling of the veins just below the surface of the skin of the body part. This happens mostly in the legs and thighs, but can also be seen in other skin areas such as the face and arms. So if you are confused about a similar thing happening with your body, then just check with the symptoms and be sure that you are having this problem or not. Some common symptoms are-
  • Pain in the legs or the specific body part. 
  • Swelling in the area that makes the legs feel heavy. 
  • Aching ankles especially during the night time. 
  • Brown or yellow discoloration around the affected area. 
  • Itching and dryness of the part and redness over the veins. 
  • White or similar patches on the ankles. 
  • Formation of knots in the veins those are visible from outside.
Possible reasons

The main reasons behind the swollen veins can be many as discovered till now in the medical science. There are certain contributing factors like the age, type of job, body weight, hormonal imbalances, and even heredity that can make the veins weak. However the main reason behind having bulging twisted veins is that the valves present inside the veins and capillaries stop working properly which causes the blood to flow in the opposite direction making the veins enlarged and bulging.

Getting healthy veins

The problem may grow and become serious if not treated on time. Other than making the skin area look ugly, it also causes problems in movement. The person suffering from it is not able to walk properly and carry out the daily physical activities. The pain too sometimes becomes unbearable which in turn can make the person sad and depressed the entire time. Therefore it is necessary to seek medical advice and get it diagnosed properly. This will help in deciding proper medication that will cure the varicose veins. If you feel that the symptoms match, the first thing that you should do is to look for a doctor or a health expert and discuss the problem with him and start your medication.
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