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Why Fake Medications Are Bad News For Everyone

Picture this. You go to your pharmacy to get a refill on your medication for your sleep apnea or narcolepsy. But they ran out. You go to the next pharmacy, and still the same story. Then you decide to do one thing that your doctor told you not to: buy your medications online.

But you did. You went to a site to buy armodafinil online because you didn’t have any choice. You got your medications a day late, but it’s okay. You take the medication and wait for it to take effect.

The next thing you know, you’re vomiting on the floor and passed out. You end up waking in the emergency room with an upset stomach. Such is a tale of buying medicines online.
Fake medications are bad news, and that’s not even an understatement

The reason why they’re bad news is that they are unhealthy to begin with. You don’t know what they were made of, nor will you know their actual manufacturing or expiration date.

Yet this is a prevalent problem online because everyone’s a pharmacist online. You can go to this site or that site to buy armodafinil online, but are you really sure that it’s legit?

There are three reasons why fake medications are bad news, and we’re not taking them lightly either.

Fake medications give original medications a bad name

Let’s be honest here. Fake medications may or may not contain the actual ingredients of its legit counterpart. For example, you’ll never know if the best place to buy modalert is actually selling fake medications, but they still work. Sometimes, fake medicines use cheaper ingredients or components, so potency will be an issue.

Now, this is bad news because it affects the original and legitimate brand. When the fake med presents itself as the original, its efficacy comes into question and if it doesn’t work, the original medication gets affected. You’ll be stuck with wondering why your modalert didn’t work.

Fake medications can be harmful

Remember what we said about medicines not containing their actual ingredients or components? Well, there’s an exact reason why those ingredients were used and why they’re at their exact dosage. Our bodies are meant to process medications by going through the ingredients, and they have to be precise too.

Otherwise, we’d have adverse reactions to the medications due to their ingredients. This is also one reason why some medications can’t be mixed with others, as they may have the same ingredients but different dosages.

Fake medications don’t work

Fake medicines don’t work, and we cannot stress this enough. More often than not, they only work because you think they work. This is called a placebo effect, and that’s why you think they work.

Again, we go back to the first reason why fake medicines are bad. Once you take something that you think was the original but it doesn’t work, you’ll end up blaming the real brand.

The bottom line

Fake medications are bad, especially if you’re going for medications that want to help you in dealing with certain conditions like narcolepsy or sleep apnea.
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