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Use Creatine On A Cutting Cycle:

Cutting, is one of the most common practice usually used by trained athletes and body builders, this practice is mainly used to cut fat and to become lean for their respective competitions. Cutting cycle involves restricting calorie intake,  because the main reason of getting fat is more consumption of calories. To look as lean as possible, many athletes and even body builders take different supplements and legal steroids Australia such as creatine, during their cutting phase.

What Is Creatine?

Creatine is one of the essential amino acid which our body produces naturally. Creatine also found in protein rich food such as, milk, meat and fish. The main function of creatine is to produce sufficient energy during weightlifting and other short duration workouts.  Creatine is also used as cutting stack,creatine is said to be a precursor of ATP, as we all know ATP is a small packets of energy which provide sufficient energy for different metabolic activities. So that’s why creatine is used as pre-workout drug which boost your stamina and energy for cutting cycle.

Can We Take Creatine After Workout?

Many athletes take these cutting stack after their workouts. To retain or build a lean muscle mass is so challenging during a cutting phase, so for that body builders and athletes take creatine as a post workout supplement. According to Steven Spainhower, you will get best and even faster results when you take creatine after workout. So to get best results you can take creatine after workout but always take them with fruit juices or starches.

Avoiding Bloat:

Bloat is a condition in which body swollen due to fluid or gas. Many body builders complain that many steroids draws water into their muscles, which may sometimes make you bloated. Creatine is usually used to avoid bloat during their cutting phase.

Is There Any Side Effects Of Creatine?

Many people ask this question frequently that, is there any negative side effect of creatine? Yes, there may be some side effect if you are new to creatine, you may experience vomiting, nausea and other mild effects, which will go away with continuous use. Creatine can also causes hypertension in some users.

In A Nutshell:

Creatine is very essential supplement if your are on cutting cycle, it also helps you to gain massive lean muscle mass. It has some mild side effects, so always use it by consulting your doctor and if your are fully healthy. First talk to your doctor that you want to use creatine, because your doctors knows all the health problems associated with you and can guide you whether to use creatine or not.
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