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Tips To Prevent Skin Damage

Sunburns are caused by prolonged periods of sun exposure. In extreme cases, it could lead premature aging and carries serious health risks.

In order to avoid sun-damage and prevent wrinkles limiting sun exposure is not the only answer. You can even use a sun-screen for better-looking skin. Use cosmetics offering sun-protection like april skin magic snow cushion with SPF50+.

Here are a few tips and precautions to prevent skin damage

Beauty Products

Most of the beauty products come with sun protection today. To smear you with long-lasting and efficient cosmetics never goes out of fashion. For instance, April skin magic snow cushion with SPF50+ is gentle on your skin and made to suit your skin type. Beauty lovers can always opt for these amazing beauty products as they cannot get enough of their range of cosmetics.

Find Products That Cater To Your Needs

Most of the products in the market are made to meet your special need. You have the option of choosing the right one. Check the ingredients and scan through to find out whether your requirements are fulfilled. A good product in the market has to be long-lasting and give maximum protection from the sun. It is true that the results vary from skin to skin. You also go by the SPF to check out products that cater to your needs.


One can specifically choose sunscreens that have at least SPF 30+. Appling, it prior makeup can keep sun damage at bay. It is not just important to buy any sunscreen but also to choose the best brand product to go with. These make good products that provide protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Using sunscreen at least 20-30 minutes before stepping out in the sun is advisable. While SPF 30 and beyond is for used by people for fair skin, varied combinations are available as per your skin needs.

Shield Yourself With Hats Or Umbrellas

There is nothing like a hat that makes a fashion statement and provides you the shade from the sun at the time. A sunscreen alone doesn't always guarantee you sun protection. For a day on the beach, an umbrella is a must to avoid yourself from sunburns and rashes. Maybe you can even rest under a big one or carry one around with you whenever you are out in the sun.

Prevent burn After exposure

In case you have accidentally stepped out without protection or sunscreen and you are prone to sun damage reduce the possibilities of sunburn. Always know that, the fairer the skin is, the more sun damage it causes. Severity increases with prolonged hours of exposure. For relief from sunburn, you can even stick to home remedies by applying or smearing cooling rose water.

Aloe can help soothe your burns. Try your best to avoid sun exposure for the next 24 hours. Cucumber and potato face pack and glycerine is also a remedy that helps you to heal naturally and they can be used also to de-tan.

Sun exposure built up over time can even cause skin cancer and brown or red scaly spots. So better knowledge of sun sunscreens and cosmetics with sun protection helps in effectively combating the issue.
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