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How You Can Use Air Conditioners to Get Rid of Your Allergy

During certain seasons of the year, people start snitching due to allergy and there are plenty of people who suffer from such problem. The air pollution is mainly responsible for such allergic condition. Also, there are number of reasons in the indoors that can cause allergic conditions. Some of them are due to the following reasons.

·         Dust mites and dander from pets
·         Carpet fibres and also various furniture fabrics
·         Various chemicals used in the building materials
·         Radon gas
·         Pesticides and many other chemicals used for cleaning
·         Wood burning or smoking
·         Gases from appliances for cooking and also from water heaters

Sometimes air conditioning systems supplied by Voltas can cause allergy, if the air conditioning system is not regularly maintained by proper HVAC professionals. That is because of mould formation on the coils of the condensers that may be formed if the moulds are not regularly cleaned.

Therefore, following HVAC maintenance tips can help to prevent or reduce the seasonal allergic conditions.

  • Never ignore replacing your filters regularly

Any well-maintained filter will ensure that the air quality of the indoor is pretty good. All air filters have certain specification which is indicated by its MERV rating. Based on this rating the filter can remove airs of any particular sizes of particle. These specifications are quite well known to professional HVAC professionals.

People who are suffering from allergic problem should also know about this MERV rating, which should be minimum value of 8. Due to this value of MERV only certain particle size of dust will be allowed to be present in the indoor atmosphere.

  • Clean all the debris and dusts

Make sure that there is no Air pollution inside the room due to presence of any debris or dusts. Otherwise, these dusts will continue to circulate inside the room and will pollute the atmosphere further inside the room. You must regularly clean by using suitable vacuum cleaner so that all the dusts present in the room gets sucked in by the vacuum instead of spreading all around the room. All the items of the indoor items including the ducts for air conditioning system also must be thoroughly cleaned regularly.

·         Check for any mould

Moulds are very much fond of moist and humid conditions. Moulds can further aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms and create problems for respiratory conditions. Sometime this can also lead to death.

Make sure that humidity level inside the room should be within 30 to 50 per cent. This not only makes you feel comfortable, but also not allow the formation of mould or dust mites. You can use proper humidifier that should work for the whole area and maintain constant humidity reading inside the room.

Even after taking all such actions, you must regularly check for mould formation. There can be humid or damp present in your room that was not noticed by you. If there is slight mould formation then you may take care of them. However, if the mould is too high then you must call professionals to think of some long-term solution.
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