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How Air Conditioning Environment Can Help Asthma

Usually, People use air conditioners for their personal comfort particularly during summer season, when it becomes too uncomfortable. However, there are few who use air conditioners for medical treatments too. People who are suffering from mild fever or asthma often get relief by remaining in air-conditioned environment.

How AC environment provides relief to Asthma patients

People who are suffering from asthma get triggered by animal dander, mould and pollen. If such particle remains in the air then it becomes very difficult for them to take proper breath. By simply switching on your Voltas air conditioner, you can significantly reduce these particles present in the environment.

Your AC has special kind of filters that can easily capture such particles present in the air and recycle fresh air free from such particles. Some of the air conditioners are designed to completely eliminate humidity present in the air so that there is no formation of any kind of mould or algae. Due to dry cool air produced by air conditioner such particles will be completely eliminated from the environment.

If you keep all your windows and doors fully closed then all the air present in the room are forced get into the filters available in the air conditioner. The fresh air that comes out from air conditioner are free from any particle and which is cooler and the asthma patients get plenty of relief by remaining under such environment.

Why it is essential to maintain the air conditioner filter for asthma patients

Air conditioners can be very effective in treating asthma patients, if the filter used in your Mitashi AC is regularly maintained and cleaned. If you ignore its maintenance then it may get clogged and becomes ineffective. In such case, you may also need to undertake costly repair or sometimes even replace your existing filters. If the filters remain clogged for very long time then it will become harder for the filter to force any fresh cool air in the environment.

The air conditioner that you have installed in your room uses controlled refrigerant gases and therefore according to law, it is mandatory to service your air conditioner at least once in a year regularly. This is minimum requirement, in actual practice the filter must be cleaned after every 6 months regularly.

It is important to take help from any competent air condition engineer or any good AC service provider for regular maintenance, if you are using your air conditioner for treating any asthma patient.

What is the maintenance activities required for Air conditioner?

If you use any professional HVAC company for regular maintenance then they will do following things -

·         He will make sure that the air conditioner is working in proper manner and all its mechanical parts are working smoothly and efficiently.
·         He will also check the coolant and ensure that they are pure and it is in perfect required level.
·         He will check the coils of the air conditioner and if any mould or algae is formed around the coil then it will be cleaned.
·         Replace the filter
·         Clean the drain line and remove any blocks
·         Clean the blowers.

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