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Home Made Pregnancy Test

Many people are afraid of getting pregnant once they have hit the bed with their partner. Due to their circumstances or other factors, they may not be able to hit the medical store to buy a pregnancy testing kit.

These homemade pregnancy tests are viable and can be relied on as it depends on the element call HCG which is produced in female bodies only when you are pregnant. Hence if any of these tests are positive then you are pregnant for sure.

Although, you cannot ignore the chances of being pregnant based on just these tests as you are doing them at home and there could be various reasons that these tests might fail to produce results. Some of these factors is the quality and quantity of the testing ingredient that you are using. Also, it might take more time than you stipulated to react with your urine to give the required results.

Steps to ensure accuracy in homemade pregnancy tests

Here are few steps that you should know about performing these pregnancy tests at home to give better results –
  1. You must use first urine when you get up in the morning to do these tests as they tend to have maximum amount of HCG to give positive results.
  2. You must intend to use plastic container to do the test and plastic spatula to pick the ingredient and mix the mixture.
  3. You must do the test with considerable amount of urine as too little amount of it might not be enough to produce the results.
  4. You must wait for ten to fifteen minutes before you make any inferences about the test as it might take longer to react depending on the quality and quality of testing element you have used.
  5. It is advised that you should repeat the test another day to be sure of the result. Also, you may try two to three different ingredients to test yourself to be sure of the results.
  6. You must be patient enough to not disturb the ingredients before the stipulated time so that they can react and give results. 
Few Homemade pregnancy tests

Here are few elements that you can use to test your pregnancy at home.


You can pluck few dandelion leaves and press them on a plastic sheet. Now pour first morning urine over them and wait for them to react. If you see red blisters on these leaves then it means you are pregnant.

Mustard powder

Missing periods are the best way to assume that you are pregnant. However, Mustard is a period inducer. You pour 2-3 spoons of mustard powder into your bath tub and soak yourself for around an hour in this solution. Now wait for next three days for your periods to be induced. If they do not occur, then you are at risk of being pregnant. You must confirm this using other methods as well.

Tuna and vinegar

Mix equal amounts of Tuna and Vinegar mixture and add first morning urine to it. If the mixture turns green, then you are pregnant or else you are not pregnant.
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