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Getting Real - Common Health and Exercise Myths Debunked

There are so many theories on the subject of health and fitness that it can be quite difficult for most people to know which ones are effective and which, are complete myths. In the connected world of today, these myths spread very quickly and soon more and more people start believing in them as they hear it from many different sources. Some of the most common health myths exposed:
Nut Milk Is Better for Health than Dairy Milk

Nutritionists love milk for its many good properties; it is a very rich source of calcium, protein, and a number of other nutrients like potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin, niacin as well as Vitamins D, B12, and A. Almond milk does not naturally contain any calcium or protein. Additives are invariably less than that found in dairy milk. Nut milk is an option that should be explored only if you are lactose-intolerant or if you don’t like the taste of dairy milk.

Fruit Should Be Avoided Because of Its High Sugar Content

It is true that fruits, at least many of the more common ones, have a fair amount of sugar. However, eaten in moderation, it will be of no concern, especially when you have been downing sodas, ice cream, cakes, etc. without blinking so far. Fruits deliver a large number of vitamins and othermicro-nutrients besides a lot of fiber that can clean up your digestive system.

Diet Is More Important For Weight Loss than Exercise

For effective weight loss, you need to have a calorie deficit. This can be achieved in two ways; by eating less or by burning more calories. Since there is a limit to which you can reduce your calorie intake without affecting your bodily functions, the only way of ensuring enduring weight loss is by exercising to burn calories. Since there are many kinds of exercises, you will need to choose wisely the ones that will have the maximum impact on your weight.High-intensity interval training can be very effective. If you are interested in bodybuilding then along with the proper exercises, you can consider taking legal steroids for sale.

Cutting out Carbohydrates from Your Diet Is Good

The three essential components of a healthy diet are proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. If you are going to completely eliminate carbs from your meals, you will end up with lack of energy, increased level of hunger, poor function of the gut and bowels, as well as low mood and increased irritability. It is actually when your meals have a disproportionate amount of carbs that your weight management can go for a toss, and you become lethargic. Choosing carbs with a low glycemic index like rolled oats, sweet potato, whole wheat bread, etc. is better as the digestion takes place over an extended time leaving you feeling full for longer. 


Staying healthy and fit is not something you can take lightly. Rather than taking someone’s word for it, you should conduct some independent research or ask someone suitably qualified such as your doctor or personal trainer for their advice.

Julie Quest is the sales manager of an online pharmacy that stocks legal steroids for sale. Passionate about fitness, Julie writes extensively on common health issues, including weight management.
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