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All-on-4 abroad treatment concept

Cheap all on 4 abroad is the most popular full jaw restoration dental treatment among patients from the whole world. In this article, you will find a grasp of useful information regarding all on 4, which is worth reading before coming for your all on 4 to Poland.

 Who is a good candidate for all on 4 in Poland?
There are two cases where you should take into consideration having cheap all on 4 in Poland. Firstly, if you have some natural teeth, but their condition requires them to be extracted, and still you wish to have a full and healthy smile, you should consider having all on 4 abroad. Secondly, all on 4 is a great solution for patients who miss their natural teeth or are fed up with removable dentures. Also, the all on 4 treatment can be performed only when a patient has healthy gums and enough bone structure to install implants. 

All on 4 in Poland - procedure
All on 4 treatment requires installing 4 titanium dental implants on each jaw. On the implants, the dentist puts bridges made of porcelain crowns. The treatment allows for a screw-retained replacement of the upper and/or lower jaw, that will be permanent and non-removable. All on 4 procedure abroad is divided into 2 stages. For the first visits, patients are asked to come for 3-4 working days. Then, the implantologist performs necessary xrays, does bone graft (if needed) and installs the implants, on which he puts a temporary bridge. After implantation, there is a healing time lasting 3-6 months. After your gums heal, you come back to complete the treatment. You need to come for at least 5 working days for the second stage. The dentist will take the impressions of your teeth so that the perfectly matched crowns could be made. When the crowns are ready, the dentist replaces the temporary bridge with a permanent one.

Is all on 4 abroad painful?
All on 4 in Poland is performed under local anesthetic, as a result of which the procedure itself is painless. In some clinics, even general anesthesia is possible to apply for the implantation procedure. After the procedure, you may feel some discomfort because of bruising or swelling. In some cases, also minor bleeding appears afterward. However, the implantation itself, if performed by an experienced implantologist, should be totally painless.

The price for all on 4 in Poland
All on 4 in Poland is very cheap, especially for patients coming from the UK, USA, Germany or Scandinavian countries. All on 4 in Poland can be even more than twice as cheap as in the aforementioned countries. The price for all on 4 in Poland starts from 25 000 PLN / about 5000 GBP. It is definitely cost-effective and beneficial to perform this dental work in Poland.

Why should you come to Poland for your all on 4 treatment?
Many dental offices in Poland has introduced all on 4 to the offer in recent years. Dental Travel Poland cooperates with carefully chosen private clinics, which meet all European standards and specialize in treating patients from various countries. Also, our implantologists, orthotists and dentists are highly-qualified and experienced specialists. You can be sure that you will get a professional, safe and effective treatment. However, the main factor in choosing Poland as a destination for dental work is the price. In Poland, owing to the positive exchange rate, the prices are extremely cheap for patients using British pounds, dollars or euro on a daily basis. Last but not least, Poland is a wonderful country with traditions, which is rich in history, have breathtaking monuments and landmarks, appealing nature and excellent cuisine!

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If you want to restore your teeth and enjoy a new, naturally-looking and beautiful smile and plumpy lips, contact Dental Travel Poland. In Poland, you will do cheap all on 4 and save much money! We will schedule all appointments on your behalf in the best clinic, but also with pleasure, we will help you organize your journey and stay in Poland. You no longer need to feel ashamed of speaking or smiling, together we will make your smile perfect!
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