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What is Energy Psychology- Finding the Synergy With Splankna

Energy psychology is an evidence-based, holistic approach to comprehending and improving any feature of human performance and behavior. It utilizes the energy systems that exist in one’s bodies, along with one’s emotions, thoughts and memories, to help people attain behavioral changes in any aspect of one’s lives. It is an approach to transformation and healing that takes the complete human system into account – body, including one’s inherent energy systems; and mind, including our memories, thoughts, sensations, emotions and behavior.

The body has various energy systems including its own electromagnetic field. The field of neuroscience has discovered that it is probable to direct this energy at the ‘master glands’ of the endocrine system (pituitary, hypothalamus, thyroid and pineal). As these, through the hormones, control practically every facet of the mind-body, affecting these can cause noteworthy changes in one’s health. Science has established that the neurons in the hippocampus of a stressed, depressed or addicted individual are not firing properly. Directing energy at points on the head begins to encourage these neurons to begin firing again. The complete brain starts to awaken and extreme healing begins to take place. The most exhilarating thing is that this is in every person’s hands. People utilize the energy of one’s own bodies to heal one, thus taking full accountability for one’s own health and lives. How authorizing!

This Splankna approach is known as the healing code. Why people use it in the Recode tactic is that, of all the energy psychology methods, it is the one that is most quantifiable. The healing code constantly tests positive on Heart Rate Variable (HRV) tests. This is a paradigm medical test for stress obtainable in any hospital. In the medicinal field, if a modality tests positive on HRV tests, it is accredited to eliminate for the gesture effect (i.e. it is not immediately 'in the mind'. The healing code is employed on very small children and animals, which have no reaction to the placebo effect.)  

Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) And Its Connection to Splankna

The body also has a system of ducts that channels the flow of energy transmitted by biophotons through the body, known as the primo-vascular system. The ancient Indian and Chinese healing systems describe these ‘nadis’ or ‘meridians’. All medicinal paradigms, including the western one, now consent that blockages in these ducts can cause infirmity. Part of energy psychology concentrates on clearing any obstructions in this primo-vascular system, including pessimistic emotions, as these can essentially cause illness (and restriction). People clear these by tapping on definite points on the body, face and hands. Some individuals recognize this as Emotional Freedom Technique. It may seem bizarre when you start doing this, but the calming result it has on the emotions far balances any apparent mental discomposure! With the Splankna approach, people are not only clearing the obstructions in the meridians, people are also breaking the association one’s minds have with excruciating memories. Through tapping, people are swiftly able to diminish the most passionate emotions; so that people can contentedly go on to do the profound healing.
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