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Reality of the rise of Marijuana Vaping

Looking for other ways to get your Marijuana fix? In a recent survey, many marijuana users have begun seeing the benefits of using e-cigarettes to get high like those who are using it with E liquids with nicotine. The old style used which would still include some carcinogen components and have a very smelly scent has become a problem of the past with the rise of vaping industry.

Many local authorities have seen the rise of this switch have alerted some, however, as there are still rules about being high and driving and other things. With the rise of vaping, there might be a smaller room for detection, especially to our driver, who might be driving high and may cause a harm to the public.
The banning of using it in public area

This forced some local authorities to confine the usage of electronic cigarettes– forbidding their sale to minors or outdoors– the national government still can't seem to control them, raising worries about the smoker and the public's well being. There is also the problem with different state rules, with some allowing both the products and some not, making the enforcement of the rule a bit tricky.

The reality of Marijuana Vaping

As this rise of using vape as marijuana fix, there also the danger of not being able to trace its use among teenagers. As E-cigs are powered using batteries, the one that is creating heating elements does not create smoke, nor leave any scent to be traced. You could also easily refill the tube with whatever synthetic liquid you might like to try. In this case, teenagers are buying hash oil as their refill, and have been smoking the marijuana with lesser chances of getting caught.

This incident should not be overlooked as these vaping materials can be bought in a form of a pen to fool unsuspecting parents. They may also come in the shapes of a USB memory stick or a stylus. Another worrying fact to be considered is that the use of vape instead of that traditional pot intensifies the buzzing sensation felt, making the addictions faster. This is because of the higher concentration found in the oils used in vaping compared to those in pots.

It is very important to note that early addiction will affect your child psychological and physical development. The use of Marijuana during early age can cause short-term memory loss, slow learning, decreased sperms count, as well as lung damage. This is also very much crucial to those families which have a history of addiction. This abuse problem may show some symptoms that you can watch out for yourself, such as nosebleeds, red eyes, and behavioral changes.


With the rise of the vaping industry, there is also the rise of the problem that comes with it. Especially the problem with its traceability, and the potential damage a high person may inflict on themselves or other when driving. There is also the possibility of early addiction of teenagers due to the easy to conceal fashion of using the product.
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