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Is It Necessary To Use Heavy Weights For Enhancing Muscle Size?

Nearly everyone who wants to increase muscle strength and build muscle mass asks is it necessary to lift heavy weights? When people take the membership of a gymnasium, they are prepared to lift heavy weight. Building muscle mass requires pumping the iron.

 Bodybuilders convey the message that heavy weights are directly proportional to the mass gain. Beginners are interested in every detail that experienced bodybuilders give. Do not use any supplement without proper information about it. You need to consult your physician about the side effects of injectable Tren A.
Until recently, most of the trainers and fitness experts believe and they suggest their clients to lift heavy weights with minimum repetitions. On the contrary,a recent study has shown some different results and this advice is questionable at present. McMasters University has conducted a research on building muscles by lifting lighter weights. 

Research volunteers used 30% lighter weights, than they can actually lift. When you lift lightweights, you have to do this for a longer time. You need to exhaust your muscle until you cannot do a single repetition. This shows that you can get good muscles even if you work out with lightweights


People who are fearful of lifting heavy weights can perform with lightweights. This is good news because there is no fear of injury.  Moreover, you do not require a spotter in every exercise because you are using 30% lighter weights. People with some physical problem will do exercise with the fear of injury. The recent findings are going to be confirmed in the near future. At this point of time, this clearly shows that taking your muscle to failure is the only thing to achieved bigger muscles. You can do it with light as well as heavy weights.

You have to challenge your muscles in different ways so that they cannot stop growing. You need to understand what the minimum exercise for your muscles is. People, who are regularly using heavy weights for exercise, sometimes use lighter weights with high repetitions. This is also a good technique to adjust your muscles. Moreover, if you are lifting the 30% light weight than you can perform the repetitions with proper form. You can use this technique to avoid a plateau in your bodybuilding career. Ask your trainer about the side effects of injectable Tren A before using it.

Counting calories

I have seen many people spend most of that their time in counting calories. If you do not have that, much of time and patience to count calories, then getting an idea is sufficient. Just take an idea of how much calories you need and how much you are consuming. To gain muscle mass consume a couple of 100 calories more so that your body can use it for building muscles.

Make sure that these calories are coming from quality protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. There are many websites available, which will tell you about calorie count. It is important to have a calorie surplus for increasing your size.
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