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What Can Be Done About Hair Loss?

If you’ve never heard of it, “androgenic alopecia.” is the medical term for hair loss, which can go on to affect both males and females. Normally referred to as “male or female pattern baldness”, it creates hair loss in a specific pattern beginning starts at the temples. More here:
·         In males, this starts with a decrease in the hairline and baldness on the crown of the head, whereas females will usually experience the thinning of hair over all of the head.

·         Everybody has seen the male type, but not too often the female kind.

·         Androgenic alopecia can actually go on to cause complete baldness, even though there will be some hair on the back and sides of the head.

·         Females with this condition never completely lose all of their hair, and hair loss occurs at a slower pace. 
Genetics and Other Reasons
·         Abnormally high levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the scalp arecommon for those with androgenic alopecia and hair loss will occur in males due to the DHT adhering to androgen receptors on the hair follicles, which then prevent the natural growth cycle.
·         This genetic inclination makes hair follicles shrink when combining with the hormone, which then goes on to shorten the follicle life span.
·         Other causes for androgenic alopecia can include both heredity and environmental factors that may begin or increase the rate of hair loss. 
·         Medical Procedures–Most people are aware of the hair transplant process which has become popular over the past six decades and nowadays uses the very best in modern technology. Essentially, it involves the extraction of hair follicles from the rear of the head, normally in the area of the neckline, and then transplanting it into those areas which have become bald. Afterwards, the hair will then go on to grow where it was transferred to.

·         One other and a little more extreme surgical solution is known as a “scalp reduction,” and this solution involves the removal of the balding areas and afterwards the stretching and stitching together of the remaining scalp.

·         Non-Medical Procedures

·         The first would include the traditional and historical use of wigs, hairpieces and weaves. The two main kinds of wigs or hairpieces are either natural or synthetic hair and are well known to most people.People might be quite surprised as to who in the public eye actually makes use of a wig or hairpiece.

·         There are many kinds of shampoos out there on the market,which claim to do amazing and wonderful hair restoration tricks and are supposed to stimulate the scalp in the hope that magically new hair will decide to grow back. And, even though this might seem like an easy to do technique, it hasn’t been known to show many (if any!) results for users.
In any case, whatever option you choose, may all of your hair concerns be gone and your hair look just as youalways knew it could! 
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