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Wayne Imber- Understanding The Emotional Psychology Of Children

If you take a look at children today, you will find that they are tiny little adults that are hard to understand at times. They are happy one moment and they feel sad the other. They suffer from emotional extremes and it is very hard for you to understand what they need and want.

Wayne Imber-The basic needs of children

Wayne Imber is a doctor in the field of developmental psychology and he says that children are born with the basic emotional human needs. They need to develop a positive self-esteem and feel loved all the time. If you are a parent, it is very important for you to ensure that your child is loved and made to feel wanted. It is crucial for you to communicate with your child with kind words and compassion. This will of course support the positive growth of your child. 

He states that children have the strong need to be loved from the day they are born. The child feels fragile and needs the constant attention of adults and elders to feel safe. The adults and caregivers that take care of the child need to feed, comfort and make him or her feel valued. The loving care and attention that the child gets will help him or her to survive in this world.

When children grow up they need to continue getting this love and attention. For example, if a child is showing you a drawing, he needs you to give him positive feedback. However, if your child fails at  Maths examination, he needs your loving support to understand that there is much to learn and he is still valuable. This will help him or her to regain confidence and give the examination again with renewed energy and trust.

Ways to spend time with your child

Communication is very important for your child to understand love and care. It is crucial for him or her to trust you and make eye contact when you or they speak. You should always respond to queries and creations with deep interest to display that he or she is valuable and important to you.

When it comes to children, they need affection. A lot of kind words, hugs and kisses are very important for them. The child must feel loved and wanted. Children need to believe that you accept their mistakes and feelings. They need unconditional love to grow into balanced and responsible individuals. You should always avoid negative adjectives like telling your child that he or she is lazy or not good at all. This will really hurt the child and make him or her feel bad. These are small things that you need to be aware of as if you are not careful, you will hurt your child’s self-esteem and worth giving rise to behavioral issues in the future.

As parents, Wayne Imber says that you should avoid comparisons. It is crucial for you to make your child feel special. You should also not criticize a child all the time. This gesture will make him or her feel flawed and useless.
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