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Untreated Depression Disorder Can Toll a lot: Talk to Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD

As per medical studies prior to puberty, a large percentage of teens both boys and girls are reported to develop depressive disorders. However, teenage girls are more likely to expose varieties of symptoms related to depression over boys in different episodes. if you find your teen daughter unusually irritable, anxious or having a feel of difficulty concentration, sadness or ‘empty’ feel, suffering from insomnia or sleep disorder, it is the high time for you to get in touch with a dependable and veteran adolescent psychiatrist like Dr.Jonathan Lauter MD at the earliest for necessary consultancy and management. Remember, untreated prolonged depression especially in teenage can toll heavily to a family. 


Even though the exact cause of depression is unknown, however, as per medical science, a series of issues are assumed responsible and lead to depressive disorder in children. Importantly, depression is a mental condition which can be experienced by a teen, adult or elderly, irrespective of what their age is. Importantly, causes of this mental complication among them are different. 

Three key causes ( for adolescence) 

·         Neurotransmitters refer to a kind of brain chemical, occurrence of which is a normal course that typically carries signals to different parts of the brain and body. If there is any abnormality in this chemical secretion or disability, the function of nerve systems may change or react defiantly causing depression in teenage.
·         As per psychoanalysis specialists that numbers of teens all across the world suffer from traumatic events occurred in their early days. Be it emotional or physical abuse, sad incident like accidental death of a parent, recalling them may disturb normal functioning of brain leading to depression disorder.
·         Hormonal change is a major cause that triggers depression. Personal change, gender identities, emerging sexuality cause both boys and girls to form separate identities from parents and other family members.

Common Symptoms:

·         Feelings of despair, hopelessness
·         Feelings of helplessness, guilt, triviality
·         Poor performance in academics / Reluctance to attend school with different excuses
·         Loss of concentration / quitting hobbies or less interest to extracurricular activities
·         Difficulty sleeping, insomnia or oversleeping
·         Difficulty in decision making, remembering things, extreme fatigue
·         Reduced appetite/weight loss or overeating and gaining weight
·         Sudden bursting, shouting, anger, Irritability, restlessness
·         Isolation from family members, society, poor communication  
·         Drug or alcohol addiction
·         Thoughts of committing suicide or suicide attempts

Residing in New York or in its neighboring areas, if you pretend that your loving son or daughter is undergoing a depressive stage, devoid of spoiling valuable time, take an appointment of Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD at the well-known Elmhurst Hospital, NY. 

With a view to offer best solutions to mental health care service, in the recent years the knowledgeable psychiatric has presented his own clinic located in Manhattan. He is operational with a core group of patient friendly specialist Psychotherapist, Occupational therapists, Talk therapist, Counselors and caregivers. One can also send him emails and get his valued suggestions on related issues. You can also reach him through all major social media sites like FACEBOOK, Twitter and others.
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