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Understanding the Importance of Holistic Healing

The term holistic means taking an all-inclusive approach. So, when it comes to holistic healing, it talks about seeking treatment for imbalances and this form of healing the entire person is taken into consideration that means mental, physical and emotional status of the individual.

Splankna Therapy Institute is the only institute that believes that Christians can get advantages from holistic healing that is enclosed in a Biblical context. The institute trains non-professionals and Christian counselors in a healing protocol that has been derived from the prayer and acupuncture system.

Popularity of Holistic Healing

The uses of holistic healing approaches have become wide spread as more patients are looking forward to get complementary or alternative treatments. This can include obtaining acupuncture, massage therapy, and stress management treatment. Holistic healing approach goes far beyond the mind and body connection of maintaining and finding wellness and has been accepted by people across the world.

Benefits of Holistic healing

Holistic healing aims to recognize the causes as well as the toot cause of an imbalance; so it does not only focus on the signs or symptoms that the patient is showing unlike the modern medicine treatment. Consequently, patient gets the complete benefit which is often missing in the modern medicine practices as he/she get cured from the basic. Holistic treatment is often considered as more of an approach instead of a treatment as it focuses on the individual’s emotional, physical, spiritual and mental wellness that need to be addressed. So, the major benefits that the holistic healing approach offers to people are listed below:

  • Enhancement of overall general health
  • Fast relief for pain
  • Application of more natural methods to cure illness such as exercise, proper nutrition, detoxification and other natural treatments that are non-invasive in nature
  • Understanding the necessity for a well-balanced lifestyle
  • Use of more natural resources such as natural herbs and medicines
  • Consciousness of keeping environment safe and healthy
The holistic treatment has cured certain serious illnesses in the patients. It has helped patients to get well without going through the painful invasive methods like surgeries.

What does Holistic Healing beliefs?

Holistic healing believes that the human body has natural healing abilities. And through the holistic healing approach, the ability of the body can be activated easily. Unlike the conventional medicines that treat only the part of the body and fail to deal with the imbalance, holistic healing methods use non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive techniques to treat the patient.

The Splankna Therapy Institute includes components from three different energy psychology protocols such as EMDR, Neuro-Emotional and Thought Field Therapy Technique. It also includes prayer as an integral part of every session. For the last two decades, the institute has been developing a Holistic Psychology procedure from a severely Biblical viewpoint. The Mind-Body Psychology comprises a group of treatment procedures that use the same method that chiropractic and acupuncture is based on to alleviate psychological trauma. At present the institute has more than two thousand qualified practitioners based in the U.S.A, China, Mexico and Canada.
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