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Top rated anabolic steroids for performance enhancement

Anabolic Steroids, also called as anabolic androgenic steroids are the best performance enhancing drugs. These Anabolic steroids are man made substances that are related to male sex hormones. Generally, doctors prescribe anabolic steroids to treat some of the hormone problems that are seen in men such as delayed puberty and muscle loss because of some diseases.

Bodybuilders and athletes normally use these anabolic steroids more to build muscles and to improve the athletic performance. However, using them without prescription is not legal or safe. Abuse of anabolic steroids has been linked with many serious health problems like acne, voice deepening and growth of facial hair in women, breast growth and shrinking of testicles in men, high blood pressure, heart attack, kidney damage and liver disease including cancer. All types of testosterone-based steroids are of anabolic steroids.

Testosterone is a hormone that is both anabolic and androgenic at a 1:1 ratio. Testosterone generally exists in a variety of chemical forms that include testosterone undecanoate,  testosterone enanthate, testosterone propionate and testosterone cypionate. All types of testosterone-based steroids are anabolic steroids that inhibit the production of natural testosterone. This property makes it one of the best supplements in a steroid cycle. 

However, when deciding about steroid cycles and stacks, it is very important to maximize the total benefits and also to reduce the likelihood of the androgenic side effects of anabolic steroids that you should balance your stacks in such a way that you increase the anabolic benefits and you minimize the androgenic risks. In order to do that, you need to have knowledge about all the popular anabolic steroids available in market.

Other than testosterone, Deca Durabolin is also one of the most popular and commonly used anabolic steroids. It is one of the best anabolic steroids, if you want to bulk up quickly yet safely. This anabolic steroid is somewhat androgenic and the side effects of this steroid are easy to mitigate. As a result, bodybuilders and athletes mostly pair their Deca Durabolin steroid with other compounds to improve its anabolic activity and to reduce side effects.

On the other hand, Dianabol anabolic steroid is a potent oral compound that is perfect for anyone who wants heavy gains, but at the same time prefers staying away from injectable steroids. Deca Durabolin was one of the very first legal anabolic steroids for sale. Though Dianabol steroid offers huge gains, it must be taken in exact dosage to avoid liver toxicity. This steroid is quite androgenic when compared to some other compounds.

Sustanon is yet another popular anabolic steroid and one of the most famous brands of testosterone that athletes tend to love. This anabolic steroid is perfect for maintaining natural testosterone levels and also it makes the perfect base for any bulking or cutting stack. On other hand, Winstrol anabolic steroid occupies a different place among anabolic steroids as some people absolutely love this steroid, while others find it too harsh for their liking.

Winstrol also called as winny is highly anabolic and only slightly androgenic. It comes in the form of both pill and steroid shots. Most people use this steroid for cutting and many believe that Winstrol stacks offer amazing gains.
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