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Regular exercising offers lot of benefits. Though it is a known fact, today's busy lives have made it quite hard to many people. This is the very reason for a multibillion-dollar industry to be born and revolving around success ball. Yes we are talking about gyms and various services they offer .For those who cannot commute to gyms home exercise equipment are excellent. PRECOR EQUIPMENT known to be the masters in providing quality fitness products are offering many modern equipment at an affordable price.

They are up to date in offering new entries in the market and offer modern equipment like new generation spinner bikes, ellipticals etc. There is also wide range of offers every now and then to attract economically viable customers. Precor equipment proudly boasts of lakhs of satisfied customers. So when you decide to buy used gym equipment, buy from a trusted brand to derive maximum benefits out of it. Here are some smart ways to help you stay fit with your used fitness equipment.

How much ever best equipment you use you can produce results only when used properly and exercised regularly. Learn tips on how to use your equipment properly to avoid any damage to your body that could make you temporarily unfit for workouts.

Cardio equipment

Use cardio equipment to burn calories and fat. Cycling, walking, running, rowing, stair climbing etc. are some of cardio exercises. Price of the equipment varies according to the features offered.

Ski machine

This machine is used to strengthen arms and legs at a time. There are varieties in this. There are independent moving skis. In Some machines skis are interdependent.  You can choose from two different ones where one uses ropes and the other uses immovable handgrips. Check out all these types to see your requirements.

Rowing machines

Rowing machines are good for the back, shoulders and arms as there is to and fro motion, the legs because of the hard pushes and  aids  complete body  exercise . You might feel discomfort in movement initially unless you get habituated to rowing .

Stationary bicycle

An exercise bike is excellent as cardiovascular workout.  You don’t need additional training and is convenient to use.


Walking or running on Treadmill boosts up cardio vascular health. The rate of blood flow is fast and ensures good pumping of the heart.

Hand weights:

See how much you can weigh. You can gradually increase weights like 2 pounds initially, then 5 pounds then 8 and so on.  This strengthens hand muscles.

Resistance bands and tubing

Resistance bands are thin rubbers with holders at the end. They can be used for strength training and are pretty low priced, light weighted and easily movable.

These are the basic equipment for cardio vascular system and strength training. They can be used to tone every major muscle in your body. There are many other equipment available which you can choose based on your requirement. But make sure your used gym equipment is up to date to carry out your desired workouts.
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