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What is the need for Competitive ELISA?

The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay is more commonly called the ELISA or EIA. This is a test that checks for and measures antibodies in your blood. The test is taken to check if infectious viruses are present in your blood. Your doctor would only ask you to go for the Elisa test, provided that he suspects you with the virus like HIV, rotavirus, pernicious anemia, squamous cell carcinoma, zika virus, toxoplasmosis, varicella-zoster virus, etc. ELISA is more like a screening test before more tests are ordered. The test could also be taken to rule out any diseases.

Kompetitiver Elisa

The Kompetitiver Elisa or competitive Elisa is a strict binding process performed by the original antigen (sample) and add-in antigen. The procedures conducted for competitive ELISA are quite different of some sorts when compared to Indirect ELISA, Sandwich ELISA, and Direct ELISA. A simplified process list may have the following:
  1. The primary antibody is incubated with the original antigen.
  2. The complexes of Antibody-antigen are mixed to the pre-coated 96-well plates with the same used antigen.
  3. The plate is washed to remove the unbound antibody.
  4. The secondary antibody which is related to the primary antibody as well as conjugated with the enzyme that is added.
  5. A substrate is added, and the remaining enzymes obtain either a chromogenic or a fluorescent signal.
The competitive binding present in the enzyme helps in sticking to the antigen. When the antibody is added, further competition between the antigen and antibody takes place depending on the concentration of the stronger substance. Moreover, when the substrate is added to identify the more solid content, there is a color change in case it is antibodies dominating.

Competitive ELISA is taken into account for complex structures or viruses which cause multiple infections. ELISA test has produced significant positive results over the years and is a primary test given to patients to analyze their condition where they are positive to the result or not. Increased antigen content results in reduced binding of the antigen-enzyme conjugate with the antibody producing low-quality enzyme activity and formation of color.

There is no special precaution for this test. There is no preceding procedure for taking the test.  One can quickly take up the test by consulting with their doctor. ELISA is a very useful test which doctors subscribe, and it is not compelled by the doctors. It depends on the patient whether to take the test or not. Tests could either be positive or negative after the tests. Hence, further tests should be taken to ensure the reliability of results completely.

Author bio: In this post, James E. Diaz has given proper details about kompetitiver Elisa. This is a type of Elisa test that is quite popular now. The author has also described the test procedure list here. This post is written with detail information which is hundred percent accurate. He has also used his experience and vast knowledge to frame this informative and unique piece of article on Elisa.
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