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Is the 15 to 30 mg resin complex dosage appropriate??

Adipex is a brand name of Phentermine and is its generic form meant for weight loss. The dosage for the Adipex pill or tablets is prescribed by the bariatric specialists as well as the physicians. This drug is helpful in accomplishing the goal of weight loss by the individuals, who are obese or severely overweight. This steroid is also prescribed to the individuals, who are going through the medical conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, i.e. the problems that have effect on the cardiovascular health.

The dosage recommendations of the Adipex are determined on the basis of every individual or case to case. This drug is considered as a short term treatment of the situations that can contribute to increase in the risk of developing a disease process. The adults are generally given with 15 to 30 mg resin complex dosage or 15 mg to 37.5 mg of the Adipex-P. The Adipex-P is available in a number of stacks. Some of these include the Phentermine hydrochloride, Suprenza and the Adipex-P.

This drug is also available in different milligram strength. Some of these include:

·         15 mg to 30 mg of resin complex
·         15 mg, 30 mg, 37.5 mg dispersible tablets
·         30 mg to 37.5 mg tablets
·         37.5 mg tablets

The individuals are required to consult with a healthcare professional, so as to know about the appropriate dosage. Another form of the drug formed with combination of the Topiramate and the Phentermine hydrochloride is the Qsymia. The dosage recommendations of this drug vary slightly because of the topiramate. Some of its dosage recommendations include:

Ø  15mg Phentermine/92mg topiramate extended release
Ø  3.75mg Phentermine/23mg Topiramate extended release
Ø  11.25 mg Phentermine/69mg topiramate extended release

The individuals can determine the adequate dosage of Adipex-P for weight loss on suggestion of a doctor. He prescribes them with the lowest possible dosage and monitors the effectiveness as well as the potential side effects and reaction of the drug on their body. In order to incorporate a low fat, low sugar and decreased calorie diet and increased level of exercise, an individual must consider the health status, weight, lifestyle, age and his willingness to have a ripped physique.

Safety concerns:

The Phentermine and any of its form act as a stimulant and belong to pharmacologic class of sympathomimetic amines. The safety concerns of this drug are required depending on the health of an individual as well as the reaction of the drug in his body. The drug, if taken under the supervision of a physician and is used according the instructions is considered safe. It has been seen that most of the individuals getting the expected results increase their dosage than as recommended and go through numerous side effects.

In order to get the greatest benefit of any weight loss drug, an individual is supposed to take the dosage of Adipex as recommended by a doctor as well as the 15 to 30 mg resin complex dosage.   
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