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Important health check-ups for women

The lives of women changed greatly over the years. Every woman must take care of their health. This is because the well being of a woman is very much important for her and her family. In today’s busy world, women don’t have time to take care of their health. They have to look after their family and professional life. However, it leads women to face a lot of health issues. Particularly, working women face different health issues frequently. Therefore, in order to maintain their health correctly, women must take health check-ups time to time.

There are a number of health checkup packages are designed for women today, some of them are,

Breast check-up 

This test involves examining the breasts of the person for the presence of any masses or lumps, appetite, loss of weight etc. This type of health check-up packages is available in all health care centers and one can get it for an affordable rate. Some examples for this health check-up packages are Mammography, USG-Bilateral test, and Ultrasound of breasts. 

Who should take this? – Women above the age of 40 and those who are in the post menopause stage should definitely take this test. This will help them to diagnose the breast cancer in an earlier stage. 

CBC check-up

This type of health check-up packages involves the test for anemia, blood cell count, and hemoglobin. One can get this useful health check-up package for an affordable rate. It involves various tests relating to blood, including red blood cells count, white blood cells count and platelets count, hemoglobin level, etc. Women those who feel fatigued and weak can take this test as these are the symptoms of low blood count. 

Also, if a woman is suffering from constant attack by viruses' thereby falling sick, chances is there that the WBCs in her body which fight against germs are less in numbers and this can be predicted only through this health check-up. Through this, a person can know the blood count in her body and maintain the blood count correctly. This is because if this count is low it will cause anemia and if it is high it will cause bone marrow diseases and lower the level of blood oxygen.

Ultrasound packages

This health check-up package involves examining the whole stomach, abdomen and the pelvic area. This type of health check-ups is useful for pregnant women in mapping the shape of the uterus, and checks for abnormalities as well as fibroid growth. In addition to this, it helps to find the reason for abdominal pain, tumors in the pelvic region etc. These tests also help to get a clear picture of parts such as breast, pelvic region and joints etc 

Cardiac health check-up

This health check-up involves testing the heart diseases. It involves tests like cardiac stress analysis, pulmonary function tests, ECG, diet counseling, Echocardiogram, Apolipoprotein, Lipoprotein, cardiac consultation, 320 slice heart scan, stress tests etc.

Other than these tests, women can also take some other tests like vitamin D test, vitamin D3 tests etc. All these help them to recognize diseases in the earlier stage and to prevent them.
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