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Six Pieces of Gym Equipment That Can Help You Stay in Good Physical Condition

Monday, July 10, 2017

Although you may like to run or walk to manage your weight, working out in a gym has several benefits as well. You can use the weights to tone muscles, take aerobics classes and meet other people, or enjoy swimming anytime throughout year. If you’re thinking of joining a gym, here are some of the best machines to use to get in good physical condition.
Rowing Machines
While running or walking is good cardiovascular exercise, it does little to tone the muscles on the upper half of your body. A rowing machine provides great cardiovascular exercise as well, plus it tones and strengthens the muscles in your arms, back, core, and legs. Rowing machines can be set at different levels, so you can push yourself as you get used to one level and then set the machine to a higher level, making it more challenging. 

If you don’t like going out in the rain to run or walk, you can use a treadmill at the gym to get your cardio exercises done. A treadmill will allow you to set a pace at which you’re comfortable after warming up. You can also set the deck at an angle to make running or walking harder, in order to help strengthen your legs and increase your lung capacity, which helps burn fat.
Stair Climbers
If you feel that your backside needs a lift, then using a stair climber may help provide the lift it needs. Along with working the buttocks, this machine also helps tighten and firm your quads and hamstrings. Using a stair climber is like walking up a flight of stairs that never ends, so you will also get a great cardiovascular workout when using one of these machines at the gym.
Stationary Bicycles
If you don’t enjoy walking or running, then a stationary bicycle may be more your style. Bike riding can help tone your legs, calves, and thighs, as well as improve your lung capacity and get your heart rate up. This will help burn fat and calories, so that you stay in great physical condition without needing to dodge city traffic while riding.
Elliptical Machines
If you’re older or have a bad back or knees, then working out on an elliptical can help you stay in good shape. It is as effective as using a treadmill for cardiovascular exercise, but it is easier on your joints. It provides an overall body workout too, because it also involves using your upper body more than a treadmill does. It can also be pedalled in reverse to work other muscles in your body.
Weight Training
Along with using these machines in the gym, you should also lift weights to tone and build muscle. Muscle burns fat 24 hours a day and you only need to work out for about 30 minutes, three or four times a week. Instead of spending hundreds of pounds to purchase gym equipment, use the equipment at Fitness First gym centre in Thailand.
If you want to look slim, manage your weight and get healthier, using this equipment in a gym can help you do so.
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