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Losing weight is one of the easiest goals to set, but also the hardest to achieve. You might want that perfect S-line or those slim legs, but it is easier to imagine than to actually have to work for it. Sometimes, we just need all the help we can get.

Meal replacement shakes can help you shed some of that excess flab on your arms and waist, but there is a catch—you need to know which meal replacement to pick. This includes knowing enough information about the product and weighing in on the pros and cons of each formula to get a better understanding of what you will be getting from the product, and what you would expect to achieve after using it.

Here we will compare two weight loss products that are gaining positive testimonials regarding their effect on a diet regimen. This is not based on hearsay. We will try to study in detail the components of these meal replacements, and provide a comprehensive comparison and contrast of the IdealShape and 19 Shake products.

As you may have heard or figured out, IdealShape and 18 Shake are brands of protein meal replacements that are doing quite well in the market. They are both made from weigh protein, and are claiming weight loss by curbing hunger and promoting a protein balance within the body, enabling the individual using it to get more nutrients out of their intake.


Individual preference is a key player in choosing any product. For meal replacements, you best be considering the flavor that will match your taste. This is where it gets a bit confusing: ‘less is more’, or do you really need a lot of shake flavors to satisfy you?
IdealShape offers 7 flavors: chocolate, vanilla, mocha, strawberry, orange cream, chocolate cream pie, and cookies n’ cream. You must admit, they sound very enticing.

18 Shake on the other hand only has two classic flavors: chocolate and vanilla. Buyers did not see this as an issue, though, because the shake tastes great even without mixing any additional ingredient to it, like milk or fruits. For variety, the manufacturer encourages the 18 Shake user to follow some recipes to prepare the shakes differently, making it easier and a more fun way to use every day.


A good buyer will always check the content of any product before buying it. Since you are looking to replace one or two meals with a shake, you must always make sure that you are getting enough nutrients inside your body to fuel your energy and sustain your wellbeing.
You also have to keep in mind that the vitamin and mineral complex, fiber, protein and calories that you receive in each serving is enough for a meal equivalent. Otherwise you will find yourself hungrier and exhausted, potentially causing a food crisis that urges you to compensate with fillers like junk food to tide you over.

Both IdealShape and 18 Shake have attractive labels that show a multitude of essential nutrients you can receive in each scoop.

In IdealShape, you can get 100 calories per serving. This is lower than the average calories you get with a full meal, but that is the beauty of meal replacements, you feel fuller but your calorie intake is reduced, eventually making you lose weight.

Not all flavors of IdealShape are gluten-free (cookies n’ cream has it). Also, it uses artificial sweeteners instead of sugars.

18 Shake has 90 calories, which is considerably lower than IdealShape, but just the right amount for someone who is just starting to actively lose weight. It is at an estimated 21% of the daily recommended intake. If used properly, 18 Shake can help to lose the extra pounds sooner than you expect.

18 Shake is gluten-free and has natural sweeteners to replace the sugar requirement for a regular shake.


Both products have effective craving control mechanisms that stop you from consuming more food than you normally need. The shakes can stop your urge to feed yourself, especially when you have nothing to do. It is a restricting process than is a welcome development for someone intending to lose weight.

IdealShape curbs hunger by a natural suppressant named Slendesta. 18 Shakes, on the other hand, has Fibersol-2, which ensures a higher fiber content with the shake that will aid in your digestion.


Both weight loss packages come with freebies that are strategically offered to entice buyers. These non-edible extras are a delightful bargain to the usual pricey products, engaging more customers to patronize the product.

The IdealShape and 18 Shake both offer an ebook of recipes and a diet plan that guides the user in employing a healthy lifestyle with a good diet. Both products also offer a money back guarantee, although in 18 Shake the return policy is ambiguous.


It is of course very important for a purchaser to evaluate the cost of a product, and it is no different in choosing your weight loss supplement. You have to evaluate whether the product is worth what you are paying for.

IdealShape has special packages that enable buyers to get a number of products aside from the shake, such as protein bars and a shaker bottle for approximately $140. It is a bit expensive, so you may opt to buy only the shake that costs around $50 per tub.

18 Shake has almost the same pricing per container that is good for 30 servings. This is only for half the month, considering the recommended intake is twice a day.


This is the verdict—both are great meal replacements that will help you in achieving your weight loss goal. They are similar in almost all the points that matter; they have effective craving control and are both great sources of nutrients.

You might want to check out their availability in your area, or if the shipping is pricey or not. These small differences can help you choose which is a better fit for you and your preferences. Supplements always indicate that results vary on a case to case basis, so there really isn’t any surefire way to know that it works for you unless you try it.

If you have used IdealShape or 18 Shake, you might want to leave a comment or two, and share your valued opinion to those who are yet to buy and use these weight loss products. It’s great to help other people get in shape!
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