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A Guide to Sourcing the Best Hair Transplant Clinic

With millions of men around the world suffering from premature hair loss, it isn’t surprising that the hair transplant industry is booming, and with great advances in the technique of this specialised field, one can now restore a full head of hair with a single operation.

The medical profession seems to have geographical preferences, and if you want the very best nose job, Prague would be the city to visit, and if you are looking for the top hair transplant clinics, Istanbul is definitely where it’s at.

Pioneering Technology

In the mid-1990s, a new hair transplant technology burst onto the scene, called follicular unit extraction, and FUE offers a much cleaner graft, and also allows a skilled surgeon to align the grafted hair follicles to be in line with the surrounding hair, making it look perfectly natural.The technique first emerged in Turkey and a lot depends on the skill of the individual surgeon, which is why it is important to select an established clinic that has the best surgeons and staff. The best surgeons in Turkey were pioneering FUE techniques long before their European counterparts, which gives them an edge, and with state of the art, fully equipped clinics, the top surgeons have an excellent working environment, in which to excel.

Turkish Hospitality

Turkey is the ideal location, as it also offers the chance to sample their unique culture, and with a warm climate and many local attractions, combining the hair transplant operation with a much needed holiday is the perfect solution. Not only that, the incredibly low prices make it possible to spend some quality time after the operation, so you really should consider a hair transplant in Turkey, as opposed to anywhere else.

Online Contact

All of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey would have a strong online presence, and by spending some time browsing, you will get a feel for the right clinic. As a general rule, look for a clinic with many good reviews and testimonials, as this is a good indication of what to expect. This is a billion dollar industry, and that couldn’t happen if the results were not excellent. Several well-known sports celebrities are very happy with their Turkish hair transplant experience, and this gives added confidence, and with a well-organised schedule, you will soon be on your way to the sun, and the hair transplant will make a big difference to your self-confidence, and then you can sit back and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

Testimonials are Everything

With the many online clinics boasting of high success rates, the only way to be sure is to find a clinic with many happy customers, and with video interviews and before and after images, you can rest assured they are professional in their approach.

Sourcing the best hair transplant clinic is easy with online solutions, and after a little browsing, you will surely find the ideal solution and within a few days, you can be on your way to Istanbul for an amazing experience.
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