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9 Signs That Reveal Meth Addiction

Meth is the traditional name of methamphetamine, also called crystal, chalk or ice. With similar chemical properties to amphetamine, it is a highly addictive drug. 

Meth can be smoked, ingested by mouth, snorted or injected after being dissolved in water or alcohol.
Regardless of how it is consumed, the immediate effects include:

  • intense euphoria
  • risky behavior
  • cravings
  • brain malfunction
  • lack of self-control
If you suspect someone is suffering from meth addiction, there are certain signs and symptoms you should pay attention to.

Signs and Symptoms of Meth Addiction

  1. Look for related paraphernalia. For instance, syringes (which indicate a heavy use of meth), dented aluminum foils with burn marks, hollowed out pens or straws, spoons with burn marks, and cigarette filters or small pieces of cotton.
  2. ”Meth mouth” is a clear physical sign of meth use. 72% of meth consumers have dry mouth, due to low saliva production, which also leads to bad breath and bruxism. Also, meth users have increased risk of cavities, dental erosions, and periodontal lesion, as well as jaw clenching and mandibular joint pain.
  3. Excessive sweating. When it evaporates, it makes individuals constantly scratch their skin, as the sebaceous oil that protects the skin goes away with the sweating, and users feel as if they had bugs crawling. Some extreme consumers even feel these bugs under their skin and use razors or knives to remove the nonexistent bugs.
  4. Sleeplessness. Meth gives users an instant rush of euphoria and then comes a long period of less intense euphoria where consumers feel energetic and do not sleep for several days.
  5. Weight loss associated with appetite loss. Although they may seem very active, though acting nervous and anxious, meth abusers tend to lose a lot of weight, look bony and undernourished.
  6. Sleepiness after a period of heavy meth consumption. As we mentioned above, sleeplessness is a common sign of meth addiction, however; after heavy use, the individual may crash and fall asleep for periods of unusually long hours.
  7. Loss of judgment, neglected responsibilities, and loss self-care. Meth addicts get to consider getting and using drugs more important than anything. They will ignore their responsibilities, even feeding their kids, cleaning their homes or going to work (if they still haven´t lost it).
  8.  Mental dysfunctions. Signs include visual and auditory hallucinations, impaired visual memory, paranoia, irritability, and even psychosis.
  9. Inability to learn new tasks and new motor skills. Ongoing consumption will flood the brain with dopamine which will create an imbalance in brain´s normal levels and, therefore, will affect all dopamine-involved functions.
If you detect any of these described signs and symptoms in someone around you, you are most likely facing someone with meth addiction. Addicts will hardly admit their problem, and in most cases, will reject any attempt of help. If meth addiction is affecting a person you really care about, it would be good for you to seek professional counseling on how to deal with the addict or join any support group for family members of drug addicts.
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