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Waking up, getting dressed, and leaving for work without spending any quality time on makeup seems to be a dream of every lady. Well, this dream has really come true and the one which has made it a reality is micro pigmentation, i.e. semi-permanent makeup. It is similar to temporary tattooing and has taken the world by storm as ladies no more have to waste time due to makeup. It lasts all day, although it depends on the skin type, metabolism and environment. However, some semi-permanent makeup requires a touch-up during the day because it gets lighter and lighter as the time goes by. According to experts, customers find this daily process very frustrating. 

Lipsense lip color: a matchless solution!

Customers believe that one of the most important parts of the face is lips. They are used more often than any other part of the face, for instance, while eating and drinking, and it is only a matter of few hours (sometimes minutes) that lipstick color comes off. The real beauty and color of the lips start taking a backseat with the age, skin condition, and their exposure to harmful UV rays and semi-permanent lip makeup is its solution. Lip Lady1 understood this problem and offers an affordable solution i.e. Lipsense lip color.

Lipsense is multiple-things proof!

Lipsense lip color is adored by ladies because it has not only solved their above problems but also the problem of chapped lips. This lip color proves to be ultimate as it lasts long for the whole day and will have to be removed along with the other makeup. It is waterproof and won’t come out while drinking or won’t lighten even when you wet the lips. The lip color doesn’t smudge for it is kiss proof, food proof as well as transfer proof. Moreover, Lipsense will not let your lips dry. 

How Lipsense will cure the chapped lips?

Lipsense will not only keep your lips soft and shiny but also heal your sore and cracked lips. Normal lipsticks have resins, wax or both. Lesions are created on the lips due to these wax and resins, resulting with sore and dry lips. It keeps going on as long as one uses these lipsticks and ultimately loses the natural color and beauty of the lips. Semi-permanent lip color by Lipsense is the permanent solution to this problem because it is a concoction of fine molecular lip stains and lip gloss with Shea butter. It is so because when a lip stain with fine molecular structure is used and gloss with Shea butter is applied on it, it infiltrates the lips and cures the chapped lips. 

Lipsense is not only restricted to above benefits, it also guards lips against unwanted pollutants, pollution, harmful UV rays, dust and dryness. 

Lipsense lip color from liplady1.com is a one stop solution to all your problems. So, it’s time to say goodbye to your chapped and dull lips along with your old lipsticks and welcome Lipsense with open arms for sheen and supple lips.

Ladies, it is time to color your lips with semi permanent lip color that lasts all day!
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