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What is Syphilis Snd How To Prevent it?

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by a type of bacteria known as Treponema pallidum. The bacteria that causes this infection usually enters the body through the tissues lining the vagina, rectum, nose and throat. A person with syphilis can pass the infection on to others while a yet-to-be-born baby can also get infected through the pregnant mother. Unprotected sex is one of the primary causes of this infection. 

Further, the risk of syphilis is higher among men who have sex with other men. The infection can also be spread in those who have more than one sex partner. Furthermore, having an infected partner is also a cause of this disease and those who live in the area where the infection is common, can also suffer from the infection.  

In addition, people who have HIV are also likely to be infected by syphilis. Those who have a partner who has many sex partners are also likely to be infected. It’s challenging to diagnose as people may be infected without any symptoms for years. The earlier it is discovered treated, the better else it is as it can cause major damage to organs.    
What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of syphilis are not easy to identify. Most patients fail to even notice anything for years, thereby aggravating the severity of the problem. In fact, most of its symptoms are almost the same as other infections, which often creates confusion among those who suffer. 

Here are major symptoms of syphilis -

•    Different symptoms are found in the four stages of the disease

•    The first sign is a painless open sore in either the mouth, anus or genital area, which appears in the primary stage  

•    In the secondary stage when the person is infected for 2-12 weeks, there appears a skin rash which will spread  

•    No symptoms can be visible in the latent stage, and it can last from 5 to 20 years

•    Tertiary stage is the last stage which can be life-threatening and comes with serious health problems

•    Some of probable outcomes of the tertiary stage may include blindness, deafness, memory loss, heart disease and even death 

How to prevent syphilis?  

If not treated, syphilis can be deadly. So, you should immediately rush to the doctor in case you find any signs or symptoms of the infection. Not doing the same means you aggravate the infection and pose risks to the body. Which you should not, as there is aspen vdrl syphilis test kit and you can test yourself at home itself.

Here is how to prevent syphilis -  

•    Practice safe sex which is the best way to prevent the infection

•    Always use condoms during sex to stop the bacteria to enter your body

•    Avoid indulging in sex with multiple partners

•    Take safety even during oral sex and use condoms

•    Don’t share either sex toys or use shared needles as both can cause syphilis

•    If you find the signs or symptoms of the infection, get screened at the earliest for right treatment
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