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How To Detect Your Pregnancy On Your Own?

If you have decided to have a baby then there are many preparations and precautions you will have to take.  This way you and baby both are going to be healthy. Women who receive proper care initially are likely to have healthy babies.  Having a baby is the most pleasurable news and some women might panics well. It is better to take care of all things before it gets too late.  This guide is going to help you in judging the early symptoms of pregnancy.  It is also important that you approach the doctors as soon as possible.

Parental care 

If you get good news that you are pregnant then first of all you must instantly visit a doctor first to start parental care during pregnancy. The sooner you are going to receive the expert advice and medical care. This way you and your baby both are going to be healthy. In case you cannot afford the visit of doctor or pay for consultation fee, then there are social service organizations that are ready to help. You can ask any trusted adult and get the recommendations.

First consultation

In the first consultation your doctor is going to ask lots of question like your last periods date, what date you can expect the baby, calculating  how long you have been pregnant. Doctors estimate the duration in weeks of your pregnancy.

How your body tells you are pregnant?

There are many changes which takes place when a woman is pregnant. There is a drastic hormonal change that occurs in the body because of the psychological and physical changes. These hormonal changes support the fetus inside.  All the women go under these changes and the symptoms are common. Each symptom appears in the similar manner, but there are some differences also expected.

High temperature 
If you notice that the basal body temperature is changing or increasing after conception, then you can have good news. In case your temperature remains high for numerous days then this can be early sign of symptoms.

Tender sore breast 

This is also one of the early symptoms and that is painful and tender breast.  After conceiving you will notice enlarged breasts.  This happens due to hormonal changes.

Missed periods

This is the surest symptom of the pregnancy and it can be felt in the early stage. It can also be early pregnancy symptom and is very extensive in women.

Weakness and fatigue

Pregnancy brings a lot of exhaustion and you are going to feel dizziness and fatigue along with other symptoms. For this you must be consulting an expert immediately.  According to the experts fainting is the common symptom of pregnancy.  Along with tiredness you are also going to feel sickness in different times of the day and this symptom is called morning sickness.

It’s really important that you contact your gynecologists as soon you see these changes. You must visit them with a detailed pregnancy report and tell them about the early symptoms so that they can detect the pregnancy accurately. Visit   to know more. 
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