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Excellent Medical Care Provided in HealthMint Medical Centre in Cranbourne

HealthMint is a medical care centre which introduces new concepts for traditional medical care and offer great experiences to its patients. HealthMint has main to offer all sort of services expected from GP, in very conciliating environment which uses technology to its fullest to allow maximum efficiency, affordability as well as easy access.

It is located in DWS in one of the fastest developing area of Australia. Since its launching six months ago, it has seen fast growth of diverse and faithful base of patients. Its first GP has already reached its full time capacity. This medical care is servicing Cranbourne, Narre Warren and Berwick community. At HealthMint Medical Centre, healthcare is better than anywhere else. It has worked very hard to offer community in and around Cranbourne, Narre Warren and Berwick with fresh, architecturally designed GP Clinic that uses latest technology to provide better health with updates medical features to its patient.

It allows beautiful and relaxing waiting area with all refreshment facilities. It also has wonderful and family friendly doctors for its patients. Their staffs are quite warm and inviting. They also provide online booking, clinic app, mobile and tablet check in facility, quiet background music as well as several kinds of toys for children. It really provides quire remembering experience to its patients.

At HealthMint, they believe that healthcare should be provided with better equipped facilities and with more ease. It should be comfortable and should be provided in inviting environment. Visiting doctors are to keep patients healthy from all side not just to treat illness.

They at present offer bulk billing for children under age of sixteen and heath care card and pension card holders. They offer following things at their centre-
  1. Weight Loss
  2. Family practice
  3. Medical Centre
  4. General Practice
  5. Immunisations
  6. Doctor
The HealthMint Medical centre remains open for all days except public holidays. It also provides other services like after hours services, onsite chemist and off-street parking.

Duties and Responsibilities of HealthMint Medical Experience
The next GP to join their team is not only responsible for taking care of patients, but also it helps them out to shape their clinical direction of HealthMint and give other health relayed suggestions.  This medical care centre functions very differently unlike other kinds of medical care centres. These don’t even have traditional reception desk, all staff here works on tablets and these are completely paperless. One other most exciting thing about this medical care centre is the opportunity to be in front of this healthcare centre.

In case when one wants to share his or her medical knowledge, creativity as well as experience with this medical care centre and want suggests more effective medical processes and procedures as well, he or she is most welcome here. He or she can easily become integral part of their team and representative of HealthMint and this job is ready for them.

HealthMint Medical experience is mostly good for people living in Cranbourne and they almost satisfied with its medical care.
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