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Best Vitamins fora Glowing Skin

The ability of your skin to retain its natural glow depletes with age which as undesirable as it may be, is simply a part of growing old. Ageing is characterized by the reduced production of collagen and elastin which are the main proteins that slow down developments of wrinkles and when its production reduces, wrinkles increase. 

When it comes to skin care, often, nothing can quite beat the advice and expertise that a professional dermatologist can bring. However, if your budget won’t quite permit a trip to a professional (of course you can always check out a dermatologist’s blog to get the latest tips), there are various ways in which you can reverse the signs of aging yourself or at the very least, slow it down such as increasing your intake of vitamins proven to give you a more healthy and glowing skin. 

Although there are various processed products with vitamin C and which can help you retain a glowing skin, it is always advisable to go for the natural products. In most cases, diets filled with processed foods will often leave your skin looking and feeling dull and oily while as diets with whole foods and which has the recommendable amount of vitamins will display healthier appearances. There are various types of vitamins which play different roles in maintaining a glowing skin

·         Vitamin A 

Best for Wrinkles

Vitamin A is known to reduce wrinkles and fade brown spots. It strengthens and repairs the skin making it firm and prevent dehydration. Regular intake of Vitamin A will keep your skin moist and firm. Nevertheless, this vitamin should be consumed in small quantities since it is fat soluble and the fat accumulated due to excess Vitamin A is harmful to the liver. 


Dairy products, eggs, vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and carrots and fish oils

·         Vitamin B

Boosts Hydration and Reduce Redness

One of the most effective vitamins for glowing skin is Vitamin B-complex. It is known to fight the damaging effects of acne. This vitamin provides the skin with the capacity to secrete essential oils which improve the color of the skin and nourishes your hair. Lack of vitamin B complex in your diet could lead to dermatitis or hair loss. 


Green leafy vegetables, oatmeal, eggs, bananas, rice, yeast, cereal, brown bread, and yogurt

·         Vitamin C

For Spots and Can Be Used As an All-Around Anti-Ager

Vitamin C is a perfect antioxidant which helps fight signs of aging. It plays a major role in the production of collagen which aids in ensuring that your skin is firm and look youthful. The fact that it is water soluble means that there is no harm in consuming the vitamin in large quantities. This vitamin is proven to reduce wrinkles, improve skin texture and fade brown spots. 


Citric fruits such as oranges, lemons, sweet lime, grapes, and mangoes. In vegetables such as broccoli, sprouts, tomatoes, cucumber, cauliflower and bell peppers. 

·         Vitamin E

For Moisture and To Reduce Appearance of Scars

Vitamin E is known to keep the skin looking supple and soft. It also aids in the reduction of the appearance of scars and rough skin. This vitamin fights free radicals in the body and also helps in reducing stretch marks and lines.  When consumed in the right proportion, vitamin E will nourish your skin and make it glow. 


Green leafy vegetables, Olives, peanuts, almonds and sunflower seeds

·         Vitamin K

For Dark Circles and Brighter Eyes

When consumed in the right quantities, Vitamin K will keep the skin from easily bruising and blemishing. This vitamin helps with dark circles and bruises. Vitamin K helps tighten the skin on the surface and protects the capillaries below the surface from breaking. This helps prevent the bags formed under the eyes when one lack enough sleep.
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