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A Guide to Living Without Gluten

The term “gluten free” is now known worldwide, and with possibly 1 in every 100 people having the condition, with many undiagnosed, it is not surprising that gluten free products are available. Diagnosis can be tricky, with many people mistakenly diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, as the symptoms are unclear, but normally a blood test for antibodies and an intestinal biopsy would reveal the reaction to gluten.

Gluten Free Products

Due to the increasing awareness and demand for foods that do not contain gluten, a wide range of gluten free products are available, and this means you do not have to give up your favourite breads or cakes, and with a little forethought and planning, your new, gluten free diet will ensure a perfectly normal life, as the condition is a reaction to gluten only. Sufferers of coeliac disease soon learn how to avoid gluten foods when they are out and about, and by joining an online gluten free community, they will gain confidence and learn how to avoid gluten.

Dietary Planning

Coeliac sufferers soon learn to plan their diet accordingly, and with online stores that specialise in gluten free products, one can enjoy all the foods without worrying about gluten. There are very helpful websites for people who suffer with coeliac disease, full of informative articles about every aspect of leading a gluten free life. Regular purchases ensure you can enjoy a balanced diet and there are also many online forums for coeliac sufferers, where you can post questions and talk to others with the condition.

Grain Based Foods

Of course, one has to avoid these in general, but there are grain products that are gluten free, so you can still enjoy freshly baked bread and all of the things that you like. 

Get Informed

Once a person has been diagnosed with coeliac disease, they need to read up on the subject, and there’s no easier way to do that than Internet browsing. A few hours will certainly bring you up to date with the condition, its symptoms, and most importantly, how to lead a gluten free life. Join an online gluten free community, and you will regularly receive newsletters about every aspect of living without gluten.

Be Positive

Having to avoid gluten is not going to hinder you in any way, and providing you stay away from any gluten foods, you can lead a perfectly normal life. Online stores make buying gluten free foods easy, and once you have planned your menu, you can make a single purchase and you are covered for a few weeks. At first, it is natural to feel sad and anxious about the future, but by talking to others who are in the same boat, your spirits will rise and you can plan your diet accordingly and enjoy life to the full.

Living without gluten is easy, providing you have access to gluten free products, and by planning your diet and avoiding certain things, you can lead a perfectly normal life.
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