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What Do You Need From Your Food In Order To Build Muscle?

When you are going to the gym, you are trying to achieve the perfect body. You will want a flat stomach, toned legs and defined muscles. This is something that many hours at the gym will help you to do, but you also need to think about how your diet is going to help you will the all-important task of making your muscles as defined as possible.

When you have just started with your fitness regime, you might be uncertain about the different foods which will help you to gain muscle. The likes of steak, eggs and spinach are just three of the main foods which are great for building muscle mass. What do you need from your food in order to build muscle?


Iron is essential for building up muscle mass and keeping it firmly toned. There are dozens of different muscle building meals that you can try when you are trying to build up your muscle mass. Beef is a great source of iron and it can be trimmed of fat. You might want to have this as a steak, or you can have strips of it in a healthy salad with some spinach and avocado. 

Professional boxers and mixed-martial-artists make sure that they have a high amount of iron in their diet through the food that they are eating. Taking in iron through the food that you eat is much healthier than taking lots of different supplements. You can experiment with lots of different combinations of iron-rich foods until you find the kind of meals that you are going to eat and enjoy on a regular basis.

Research different recipes on the internet if you are not having many ideas about how iron can be incorporated into your diet. 


Protein is essential for making sure that muscles stay healthy and that they can repair themselves after they have become damaged in a workout. There are several ways that you can damage the muscles: you might tear a bicep when you are lifting weights, or you might pull your hamstring when you are on a running machine. Protein also helps to stop muscle loss.

You can get protein from a wide range of different foods, so you will never get bored with
Broccoli with cottage cheese is an incredibly simple meal to make and you can have this as a mid-morning snack before you go to the gym. After the gym session is over, make sure that you incorporate some eggs into the meal that you are having, because this is another food that is rich in protein. 

You will never get bored with protein-rich foods because there are just so many of them.


Carbohydrates are essential for giving you lots of energy whilst you are working out. This means that you can do squat-thrusts or bench-presses for much longer than you would otherwise.
Make sure that you are eating a balanced diet when you go to the gym.
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