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5 Healthy Foods Your Weight-Loss Diet Should Incorporate

When you are putting together a weight-loss diet it is essential to include the right foods. You don’t want to jeopardise your health in the process of trying to become healthier. Even when you are dieting you need to eat a healthy number of calories and incorporate essential food groups.

In the following article, we will cover some of the top foods that you can include in a weight-loss diet. However, make sure that you incorporate other food groups into your diet as well.

Are you having a difficult time determining the best foods for your diet? Then you may want to find a nutritionist in London. Working with a nutritionist is one of the best ways to establish a healthy diet, which will help you to achieve your goals.

To ensure you achieve your goals, you should also make room for cardio and strength exercises as well. The effort you invest into your personal training will contribute to weight-loss and help you build a healthy lifestyle that you can sustain year round.


Broccoli is an excellent food to partake in when you are dieting. It is particularly high in fibre so it will help you feel more full. Not to mention that your digestive system will also benefit from the higher level of fibre as well. Two of the most popular ways to incorporate broccoli into your diet are as a steamed side dish or raw as a snack. 

Plus, it is also quite simple to prepare. You don't even need to cook it! Simply slice the crown off and eat it as a snack. If you are up to a bit of cooking, then just steam your broccoli for a few minutes and hey presto, you've made a healthy side dish.


Along with broccoli, you should also include lettuce in your weight-loss diet. Like broccoli, it is high in fibre, which will keep you feeling full and prevent you from snacking on unhealthy foods.
As well as being high in fibre, lettuce is also low in calories. There are only about 60 to 70 calories per pound of lettuce. So, eating it regularly will help you to reduce your overall calorie intake and attain your weight-loss goals.


Spinach is a great alternative to lettuce when it comes to salads. Instead always using lettuce leaves when you prepare your salad, you can switch it out for spinach. This will infuse your diet with variety. Plus, when you eat spinach regularly you will also benefit from its high levels of iron, Vitamin K, and Vitamin C.

To add an extra pop of colour to your spinach salad, why not include tangerines, strawberries, grapefruit or blueberries? You will be surprised how delicious a salad garnished with fruit can be!


Creating a weight-loss diet isn’t just all about vegetables! You also need to eat protein. Eggs are a great solution to this. They are nutrient-rich and incredibly filling, even more so than a bagel or muffin, so they make a great breakfast option!  

Beans or Legumes      

If you are a vegan and eggs aren’t an option while dieting, then beans or legumes present the perfect alternative. They are protein powerhouses and high in fibre. So, they will help you to feel full and provide you with the energy you need to achieve your day-to-day goals!
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