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Training Vs Nutrition: Here's What You Need to Focus

Most individuals believe that the key to developing muscles and staying fit is all about exercises or engaging in fitness training programs recommended by professionals. While proper training is important, nutrition also plays a key role in the weight loss or muscle building process. You cannot achieve your goal of being fit and healthy without paying attention to both training and nutrition.

According to most Nashville fitness centers and training experts, one cannot simply separate training and nutrition. No matter what your goal is, e.g. losing fat, gaining muscles, athletic conditioning, etc. – these two things work together simultaneously. You will get non-existent or less than optimal results without paying attention to both.

In Nashville gyms, most fat loss and muscle training programs consist of three parts: cardio training, weight training, and nutrition. Think of each as a part of a three-legged stool. The stool cannot stand if you pull any one of its legs.

Which is more important, Training or Nutrition?

In reality, putting a specific percentage on which one is important is impossible. Training and nutrition are both equally important. However, their impact changes depending on what stage of the training progress you are in.

Depending on your training level, placing more attention on one component over the other can result in major improvement.

For example, if you are new to the fitness or muscle building program and do not have sufficient nutritional knowledge, then it is recommended that you focus more on mastering nutrition than training. It is recommended because improving poor diet can create quantum, rapid leaps in muscle building and fat loss progress.

For beginners, the change in nutrition is more likely to produce better results as compared to a change in training. On the other hand, if you are an advanced trainee and your nutrition is in place, then focusing on your training should be your number one priority. Your training must become downright scientific.

Except for some certain changes that are required to be made between a ‘pre-contest’ cutting diet and an ‘off-season’ muscle growth diet, the diet will remain fairly constant because it cannot change much. But you can continue to improve the efficiency of your workouts and pump up the intensity of your training almost without limit. In fact, the more advanced you become, the more important training variation and progression become as a well-trained body adapts very quickly.

So, as far as the importance of nutrition and training is concerned, the nutrition is more important to emphasize for the beginner, while training is more important for the advanced person. But that doesn’t mean the nutrition ceases to be important. The main thing is, once you already have all the fundamentals in place, further improvements in nutrition won't have as much impact.

Once you have mastered nutrition, it is recommended that you focus on progressively increasing the intensity and efficiency of your workouts while keeping the nutrition consistent and master the art of planned training variation. It is called “periodization”.
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