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Lipolasers – Does it really work?

Do lip lasers really work? As the name says, internal Lipo suction uses a device to insert into the targeted area to suck out the fat and external lip suction is used before internal suction to remove the fat on outside the body. Lipo suction is of two types, internal and external. Point to be noted is that, lipolaser is not a surgery for fat people, but it is a surgery for thin people to help them shed that extra fat at particular areas that does not go off easily.

So, does it really work?

Human body has a certain number of fat cells and they grow as we put on weight. The number and distribution of fat cells is determined by the time one reaches adulthood. So, when Lipo suction is done, those fat cells are removed from body from that area for ever. So, when the fat is removed, the two things that happen are, the remaining fat cells expand and fat can be stored in new places. Hence, weight does not come back in the same place. But if one does not follow healthy food habits, fat may come back in other areas since there are fewer fat cells left in the area where Lipo suction was done. Hence, you would gain weight in the areas where you did not have the surgery done. So, Lipo suction only improved your body proportions and it is not a weight loss surgery.

Studies have revealed that fat may return after one year of Lipo suction. This returned fat was not similar to the fat that was underlying the skin, but was far deeper visceral fat and was found to be associated with heart diseases. Though none of the women on whom this surgery was conducted reported any adverse side effects. However, the fact is that the fat would come back only if you do not control your diet and exercise.

Use of a lipolaser treatment certainly gets changes to one’s physical appearance. However, they should be accompanied by proper diet and exercise to keep up with the fat lost. Else, you may regain the fat. Hence, changes in life style are a must.

So, how to keep Lipo suction weight loss for a longer time?

The simple answer is proper diet and exercise. If you are inactive, you will more likely gain weight and this time around organs which will increase your risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Studies say that this could be because of the feedback mechanism of our bodies to get back the fat that was removed. And this can be avoided only by Exercise.

Hence, the change in body structure after Lipo Suction lasts for a longer time, but the fat can return in different areas. This could result in a change of body shape again but different from what it was earlier.

Hence, to keep up the body structure and to result in fat gain, diet and exercise are to be followed strictly after a Lipo suction surgery.
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