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Clenbuterol for sale

Clen is a drug famous for its weight loss effectiveness due to its thermogenic effect on the body. Many people who use it for weight loss. But Clen was ideally developed as a bronchodilator for treating patients with breathing problems.

It is preferred by body builders for its ability to increase oxygen intake which helps them improve stamina and endurance which helps to build muscles. So, there are different reasons why people choose Clen. Hence, there are many who look to buy Clen.

Clen Profile

Clenbuterol is actually Clenbuterol Hydrochloride  which is classified as a sympathomimetic drug. It works by affecting the sympathetic nervous system which is the part of your central nervous system by controlling the beta -2 receptors and removes the obstructions from airways to improving breathing.


Recommended dose for men is to take 40mcg of Clen per day and women take 20 mcg per day where they see excellent results. The problem with Clen is that your body gets adapted to it very easily and hence you may not see results after a certain point. Hence, in order to continue the effects it is advisable to titrate the dose slowly. For this, you can either use it by starting at 20 mcg per day for first 2 weeks or then keep increasing it by 20mcg per day till you reach the end of the cycle. Or you take the most famous Clen cycle of using it for 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off at 20mcg per day and then may be increase the dose slowly if required. Clen is safe when used in controlled doses and with proper diet and exercise.

Buying Clen and price

Clen is listed under controlled substances and hence its legality is different in different countries.So, how do people buy? People try different ways to procure Clen from a guy in the gym or through underground market or in some countries they buy from neighboring countries or some even try their hands on liquid Clen which is actually made for animal use. All these ways are difficult and more over you are not sure of the quality and dose to use for humans.

Ephedrine is an effective alternative to Clen but one needs to be very careful with its dose.

To avoid all these problems, many opt to buy Clen from online sources. There are many online websites that sell Clen and have good discounts and even offer free shipping. But one needs to be careful about the legal problems and the authenticity of the website while buying it online. You can check many body building forums where real people talk about buying Clen from trusted websites. 

There are many sites that accept credit cards and debit cards. You need to be sure to use secure mode of payment while transacting online.

Countries like China, Bulgaria and Russia are legal producers of Clen. You can actually procure real Clen from a pharma company that sells Clen online, called Sopharma.

For quality product opt to buy it from western countries and each 20mg pill costs between $1-$2.
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