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Changes Available During The Results Of Homemade Pregnancy Tests

For a woman, it is not at all possible to check a doctor if she misses the period for confirming the pregnancy. It is also uncomfortable to her and also feels shy many times while purchasing a pregnancy kit in the chemist shop. There is no need to spend money in testing the pregnancy if she undergoes the home made test which was followed from the older days. There are so many types of homemade pregnancy tests available and it has to be done very perfectly so as to confirm the pregnancy of a woman.

It is very simple, convenient and also easy for taking the home made pregnancy tests. After getting the positive results in such homemade tests, the blood test has to be done in the clinic of a doctor. It is claimed that 99% accuracy has to be found in such home tests. These testing have been done only by using the natural substance which is very vogue even in the ancient days. Even though, the technology has made several changes, the home made tests are one of the best ways to check pregnancy.

The HCG is a pregnancy hormone which has to be mainly detected for the pregnancy confirmation. These hormones have to be released by placenta after a woman gets conceived. The hormone release will get increased each and every day and also this has to be noticed in the circulatory system and also in the urine after a woman gets pregnant.

Popular Methods To Confirm The Pregnancy

The main objective of the pregnancy test is to detect this hormone and confirm the pregnancy. The tooth paste has to be mixed with the urine sample of a woman and if the color change to blue, then it has observed that the pregnancy is confirmed. This is known as toothpaste pregnancy test. The bleach has to be mixed with the urine sample and if it has been kept in a cup, you may notice that foam in it which confirms the pregnancy.

This has to be tested in a ventilated space which is known as bleach test. The dandelion test is the most popular homemade tests. By placing the dandelion leaves in a plastic sheet which has to be kept away from the sunlight, the urine has to be poured on the leaves so that the leaves have to be completely soaked. The reddish color will be appearing on the leaves just like the blisters so as to prove the pregnant possibility. The pine sol is one of the most powerful anti bacterial agent which is mainly used for cleaning purpose.

The urine sample has to be mixed with this and you have to wait for the results for a certain time. The color change will be the indication for the pregnancy confirmation. It is also ensured that one should not completely believe in the pregnancy test.  It is better to approach a doctor or to check by using the pregnancy kit so that it will get 100% confirmed. The blood test is mainly preferred by the doctors and this will give you a clear picture on your pregnancy.
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