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Beauty Products That Use Harsh Chemicals

Heavy metals, toxic chemicals, dangerous bacteria and other perilous ingredients are being used in makeup, skin cream and other hair products. Here are some beauty alerts and how can you secure yourself from it.

Mercury in creams

Totally a head turner, when the FDA stated that they have found toxic mercury in skin cream. The risk is high as a large number of people are getting sick because of mercury contamination. The creams are majorly crafted for the purpose of skin lightening, whitening and anti-aging. Diana skin lightening cream, Stillman’s skin bleach cream and other brands include mercury. If you’re using skin lightening cream from India, China and Mexico, then make sure you check the labels for Mercury.
Lead in Lipsticks

Once the rumor was in the air that few of the lipstick brands were using lead, FDA made an investigation. It was proved that hundreds of lipstick used lead and the worst thing was the amount of lead discovered wasn’t small. The brands that showed positive result included Revlon, Cover Girl, L’Oreal and Avon. And the top notch brands M.A.C and Dior weren’t left too.

The chemists at L’Oreal stated that lead may enter the product accidently through dyes. And FDA suggested that you shouldn’t lick your lipstick, eat anything with lipstick on or kiss anyone. Apart from it, lead in lipstick is fine.

Bacteria in Mascara

Yes, this is also happening! But, it is because when you keep your mascara for a long period of time. The bacteria present in your eyes can get transferred through the wand. And, remember they aren’t the friendly ones! Along with streptococcus and staphylococcus, fungus was also discovered.

Mascara is just safe to be used in the first three months and then the preservatives of the Mascara diminish. Those who keep mascara in their purse, remember with heat the preservatives get degraded.
  • Make sure you stop after two coats.
  • Store mascara in a cool location
  • Do not apply mascara in car
  • Formaldehyde in straighteners Apart from keeping the labels of formaldehyde-free, several keratin hair straighteners have shown results of containing formaldehyde when tested. However, the quantity of formaldehyde was relatively low. It may not pose such a big threat if you only straighten your hair for few times in a year. But if you’re a regular hair straightener then going for a keratin based hair straightener isn’t a great idea. And, hair stylists who use it are keeping their clients health at stake.
  • Mineral in makeup Mostly used as a natural substitute to makeup, the mineral based beauty items often are available in powdery form. The problem comes when the mineral particles like mica which are so tiny, they float in the air and enter your lungs during inhalation. Thus, experts suggest using such products only frequently.
  • Lice removal products Certain lice removal products have hazardous chemicals in them. Thus, rather than using toxic lice removal products, it is good to go for natural lice solutions. They render great results and do not damage your hair, health and scalp.
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