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7 Reasons Why You Should Get Serious About Losing your Excess Baggage

The year is about to end.  It’s the best time for celebrations and the best time to make new resolutions for the year ahead as well.  One of the favorite promises people make, and most likely one resolution you’ve sworn to a couple of times yourself, is to start living a healthier life.

Many people try but too few are able to make the shift, actually lose weight in the process, and keep it that way.  Old habits are hard to break.  However, the old dog in you has got to learn new tricks, if you want to live a longer, more fulfilled life, that is.

The downside of having excess baggage

Here are 7 of the best reasons why you must lose weight if you see excess baggage:
  1. Less energy is needed by your body as you age.  Your cells all go through a particular phase known as senescence when less energy is processed by your cells’ mitochondria.
  2. Degeneration happens at a faster rate when you have excess weight.  When you see baggage's, your energy intake is not proportionate to your energy expenditure, the excess energy gets stored as fat.  That’s why you have fat storage.
  3. Excess body fat puts you at higher risk for many diseases. The most debilitating chronic diseases you can contract are hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes, liver failure and cancers.  Putting on excess weight generally puts unnecessary pressure on your organs which, simultaneously, are also growing more inefficient at fulfilling their functions.  This pressure causes your organs to undergo premature wear and tear.
  4. Your metabolism has significantly slowed down.  Your body slows down production of insulin, bile and every other enzyme and hormone that help it breakdown food and assimilate it for use.  Eating too much on a regular basis can speed up this process.
  5. Muscle loss is inevitable. As you age, you have less muscles to support your weight, and excess weight will cause your body unnecessary stress.  Even when you’re young, it’s this added burden to your body that will cause your joints to become painful and you, in general, aging prematurely.
  6. Losing your excess baggage can make you feel better about yourself. Let’s face it.  You simply look better without love handles hanging loosely around your tummy.  People who have weight problems have health problems, and often, the problem is also psychological, causing depression and anxiety.
  7. Weight loss may be essential in enhancing your longevity.  When you don’t punish your body from having to support excess weight, you simply have better potential of living longer.  Studies have linked body weight and longevity, and the relationship is significant.
How to put on a slimmer body

If you don’t make an effort to lose weight now, you are letting go of a window of opportunity to correct your misgivings to yourself.  Here are 5 tips you can follow:
  1. Identify and set your goals. To lose weight, you need a plan, one that is set on a clear baseline, an endpoint and a deadline.  Record your weight and your vital measurements so you have a way of monitoring how many pounds or inches you are losing, if any.
  2.  Incorporate an eating and exercise plan in your program.  If your loss weight  goal is moderate, you can safely set your meals and physical activities.  However, if you have drastic changes to accomplish and medical conditions that go with that, you may need professional help just to make sure you are not suffering your health.
  3. Fold in fat-burning food in your diet.Flax meal and fatty fish, which are rich in Omega-3s, can help promote good cholesterol in your system.  Fiber helps improve your digestion.  Vitamin E, calcium and proteins from meat sources promote muscle building and recovery.  The more muscles you have, the more fat you burn.
  4. Try a weight loss procedure. If you want motivation, seeing faster results manifest on your physique might help get you going.  Explore your suitability for a radio frequency therapy, cryotherapy or similar weight loss procedures.  If you have serious fat to lose, a surgery may be necessary.
  5. Sleep 7 to 8 hours daily. Not only will you be able to skip your late night cravings but also prevent getting cortisol and ghrelin out of control.

Your love handles and bulging thighs are a menace to your good health, more than these are a menace to your good looks.
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