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4 Leading Causes of Obesity You Need to Know

Obesity is serious health problem which brings in several diseases with it. It is a disorder increasing the risk of health problems due to inordinate body fat.

If a person has BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or more, then he/she is considered to be obese. In short, obesity means having excessive fat in a body, inviting other diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and whatnot.

In contemporary times, all the work is majorly done through machines which don’t involve any physical work by the humans. This is the reason why people gain more and more weight without any physical activities. Also, bustling life doesn't allow to take better care of our health. It is essential to make efforts to lose weight through workout or dieting. There are number of diet plans and discount coupons such as available in the market available in the market. Simply pick one of the best diet plan guiding you correctly towards weight loss. 

Causes of Obesity: The imbalance between consumed calories and energy exposure leads to obesity. It’s high time you should “know” about obesity. But, before you learn the treatment of the same, it becomes essential to know its root cause for preventing it.

1.        Genetics
Obesity has a strong relation with the genetics. If one or both parents are obese, then there are high chances that you too may suffer from obesity.

Hormones play a major role in causing obesity. So, it is obvious that genetics transfer the hormones which rise in your body. One of the common genetic hormones is the leptin. This hormone is produced in the fat cells leading towards the cause of obesity.

Leptin is such a hormone that signals your brain to eat less when the body has enough stocked fat. If a body lacks in producing sufficient leptin, then it won’t be able to signal the brain for eating less.

2.        Cravings for Food (Especially Junk Food)
One of the main reasons of overeating is craving for food. Even if you’re almost done with hunger, then also cravings forces you to eat more just because it is tempting.

Junk food items are the chief reasons of cravings. Junk Food is the most harmful for the health of a body. Incorporated with plenty of unhealthy fats and chemicals ultimately destroys the balance of the calories.

Junk food manufacturers are aggressive marketers who target to advertise their product in such a way that consumers buy it again and again. These food items are broadly termed as “Hyperpalatable”.

3.        Imbalance
Whilst consuming food, we hardly take care of the calories and fats in it. Eating food with excessive calories can make you fatso or a ‘couch potato’. In order to avoid being a couch potato, it is necessary to burn those fats.

A proper balance between calories you intake and physical activity plays a vital role in avoiding obesity. But, the majority of people are physically inactive. If you’re not active enough, then how would you burn extra fats? This is the biggest question that leads to obesity.

4.        Medications
There are certain drugs which can result in gaining weight. All the medicines come with side effects and few of them may be disproportionate weight gains. So, it would be better to discuss side effects with a physician before gulping any medicines. This would help you in knowing the tendency of the drug you’re taking.

This piece of information should not be taken as an excuse to give up. Rather, consider these causes to prevent yourself before obesity hits you inviting several diseases. Preventing obesity would be better than suffering to cure.

If you’re at a borderline of obesity, then consider these points and try to rectify the same. It is your responsibility to improve health and you’ve all the powers to control weight. What are you waiting for? It's time to think of your health.
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