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Why Consumers Need to Read the Fine Print Labels when Staying Healthy

It is no secret that businesses exist to sell products to their consumers. This is why consumers should be proactive in questioning what the foods and other products available in the stores are made of. For many years, we have been warned about all the bad things to avoid in some of the food we eat and the products we use in order to stay healthy.

This is fine, however, the biggest problem lies in not knowing where the dangers are, how to spot them and what to replace them with.

According to http://hbnewsnetwork.com/category/health/ most toxins are found in processed foods and everyday products such as toothpaste, soap, makeup, after shave, body lotions and much more. When used for a long time, these toxins accumulate in our bodies causing health problems later on.

Unless you have a supplier for totally natural products, the truth is, everything you put on your skin will absorb into your body and end up in the bloodstream. To make it even worse, some of these harsh skin care chemicals can also destroy your complexion and make you look older.

With the entire toxin-laden, over-hyped, anti-aging creams and cosmetics, you might get the exact opposite of what you are looking for. By using natural and toxin free products, they work to rebuild damaged skin back to normal. Using all natural skin restoring nutrients like vitamin A and E plus a variety of natural oils will nurture the skin and help to smooth away lines and wrinkles.

They will replenish the skin’s moisture and dark circles and age spots will soon disappear. For many who have resulted to this option, the results have been surprising: a smoother and more youthful complexion.

The food companies certainly don’t make it easy for the average shopper to determine which food products are good and which ones are harmful. This is because of the many food labels laden with unpronounceable names and codes.

What most consumers don’t know is that there are legal loopholes which unscrupulous manufacturers can exploit to add harmful chemicals and ingredients to the product, but not indicate them on the label. Ridiculous isn’t it? It’s an unfortunate fact that manufacturers will skate around their legal regulations to benefit themselves with little care about the health of the consumer.

If your goal is to stay healthy, cutting out foods containing these ingredients is a good start. BHA, partially hydrogenated oils, sodium nitrate, food dye, corn syrup, sodium, transfats, artificial flavorings, sweeteners, sucrose, and color.

When choosing cosmetic products, you should always read the label for any side effect warning they may have. Avoid products containing amines, talc, coal tar, aluminum, benzene, propylene glycol, diethanolamine(DEA),Diazolidinyl urea, mineral oils, methyl, butyl, ethyl paraben, propyl, sodium laurel sulfate, synthetic colors, and fragrances.

The following are tips for buying skin care products. Do not purchase the product:

· If there are no ingredients listed on the label
· If you cannot pronounce the ingredients
· If they contain the harmful ingredients listed above

As you can see, most of these unhealthy ingredients are contained in processed foods and cosmetics. If you go organic, you will be doing your body great justice.
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