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Signs of Fractures Versus Broken Bones

In some cases, the only way to determine if your bone is broken or fractured is to visit a doctor or a surgeon. But, in most cases, there are signs, symptoms, and differences, which will help you determine which one you are suffering from, how long the pain will last, and whether or not you need medical attention immediately for a break (versus fracture). Consider some of these signs in trying to determine which you are suffering from. 

Break - 
A broken bone occurs when too much pressure is placed on the bone, which causes it to completely shatter. If the bone is completely broken or shattered, this constitutes a break; in other instances, a hairline fracture or minor crack in the bone, are considered to be fractures (not breaks). 

Fractures - 
There are varying levels of fractures which can occur. The complete fracture, is also known as a broken bone. In some instances, a compound fracture can occur or a hairline fracture can occur. This is only a partial crack in the bone, and the bone does not "snap" entirely. 

How do you know if it is broken? - 
Some signs will clearly indicate a break in the bone. If you hear a snap, or if you simply can't move the arm/leg (broken bone), more likely than not it is a complete break, not a fracture. Simply touching it will cause excessive levels of pain, and mobility is sometimes limited completely. 

How do you know it is a fracture? - 
A fracture occurs when the bone only breaks or cracks on one side (not both). This is considered a partial tear. In these instances, you are probably still going to be able to move around, even though you are going to feel some pain. You won't hear the crack since the entire bone has not broken. You are also typically not going to have to "break" the bone, in order for it to heal entirely. 

X-ray might be required - 
In some cases, a broken bone can hide itself as a fracture. In these cases, only an x-ray is going to be able to determine the severity of the break, where the break occurred, and to what level. Further, in many cases, only visiting a surgeon or doctor which specializes with these issues regularly, are you going to learn of the severity of the problem, and the course of treatment which is going to be required in order to deal with the break or the fracture. 

Sometimes there is simply no telling whether your bone has broken or if it is a simple fracture; either way, pain is going to come along with these problems, so seeking out medical attention is the first step to determining the problem and treatment which is going to follow. Depending on the reason behind the break of fracture, one might consider the option to
consult with a legal professional to determine if they have a personal injury claim against a liable party in an accident. 

Regardless of the cause, or the severity of the injury you are suffering from, understanding the difference, the treatment, and how it is going to heal, are a few things a surgeon or a doctor are going to inform you of, when dealing with either a bone fracture or complete break.
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