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Is it better to Jog or Walk?

Walking or jogging is beneficial in many ways when added to your fitness routine. Not only does these exercises increase your heart rate prior to a strong this worked out, they also help to tone your body as well. But when deciding whether you should take a brisk walk or actually engage in jogging, determine which one is better for you depends on your goals and aspirations. Knowing whether to walk or jog will help you to create a fitness routine that not only helps you to achieve your fitness goals, but help you live a healthier lifestyle overall. Regardless of whether you choose to start with jogging or walking, ensuring that you have good walking shoes for men or women is East Central, as your feet carries the most stress during either exercise.

Benefits of Walking

The amount of effort and energy that is required in order to hold your body erect when walking allows you to burn calories, increase your heart rate and tone your body from head to toe. At all times during a brisk or fast-paced walk, your core is engaged as it is the center of gravity that allows your body to remain balanced when shifting in your walk. Your hamstrings, thigh muscles, glutes and lower back muscles are also engaged, as they are required for endurance and pace. 

With all of these muscle groups working simultaneously, the leg muscles carry the entire load while remaining in constant motion. This means that when you are walking, your utilizing virtually every muscle in your body from which the chest down. This increase your heart rate, which in turns increases your oxygen intake which is very healthy for your lines and internal organs. As you can see, walking is very beneficial for your internal and physical health, as it engages your core and glutes, which are the largest and most important muscle groups in the entire body aside from the brain. But the physical benefits and gains to be had from walking are not limited to the physical engagement, compared to jogging. 

Walking also allows a person who is out of shape to begin to train their body for more strenuous exercises, such as jogging. For instance, a person who smokes may find that they are unable to keep up the pace when jogging. In that instance, they can take fast-paced walks for long distances to replace the jog. Over time they will find that the lung capacity will expand allowing them the sustainability and stamina required to pick up the pace.

At that point, you could upgrade the routine to a slow pace jog that would increase in pace in gradual increments over time. So in this instance, while being able to jog is the ultimate goal, walking is the preferred method of accomplishing that goal. By using the walks to condition the body for more stimulus activity in the near future, walking is beneficial for achieving these type of goals.

Benefits of Jogging

Jogging, on the other hand, offers benefits of its own. Since jogging requires more energy, it obviously offers increased calorie burning benefits over walking. It also increases the heart rate to a higher level, engages the same muscle groups more intensely, and pump significantly more oxygen throughout the body then walking. But one of the striking differences between walking and jogging that makes jogging more beneficial is how the muscles are engaged, and the aftereffects of the explosive energy that is required in order to execute a jogging session successfully. 

Walking, your feet in the rest of your body does not elevate off of the floor except for when making a step. But when jogging, your body is constantly elevated off the ground, and you are only touching the ground beneath you and your footsteps down to propel your body forward. The amount of energy that is required to keep your body in motion and elevated while jogging results in the increased burn calories and the additional oxygen intake, but it also utilizes the core aim group muscles in a way that engages them much more intensely.

As opposed to pulsated contractions in the muscles that occurs when walking, the muscles must remain engaged and in motion at all times with precision, and exertion of power when jogging. That is why you may notice that your muscles are more sore after a job, and that you need a more extensive stretch before then as well. That is because the muscles are exhausted when jogging with no chances to rest once they are engaged. So instead of just tone your body, you are burning fat and building lean muscle, while increasing the strength of the muscles at the same time. 

Jogging is beneficial for those who are training for sports, or who intend to massively reshape and contour of their body. Not only is jogging effective at helping losing weight, but it will also help to correct your posture, build stamina, and increase muscle strength and endurance. That's why athletes tend to use running as a conditioning exercise, as it enhances their ability to focus and remain engaged during sports play as opposed to trying to exert the energy in order to keep up with physical demands. 

Jogging is also beneficial for those who want to push their body to the next level in their exercising journey, as even bodybuilders and those who work out regularly are looking for ways to constantly challenge their body. All in all, jogging is a great way to hold its shape the body, burn calories, increase your heart rate and engage your muscles and strenuous exercise. 

Which is Better?

The time whether jogging or walking is better for you depends on your goals and your abilities. If you are able to jog and keep up the pace, then jogging will be more beneficial for you and burning calories, losing weight, reshaping the body, and increasing the heart rate. But if you are physically unable to maintain an effective jog, then walking at a rapid pace is a great way to get started on the journey, still incorporate effective exercises but yet, start at a pace that works with your physical capabilities.

Armed with a budget and a desire to get fit and stay that way, we are glad to welcome you to Life’s greatest journeys begin with a single step (Mark M. Roberts).
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